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Can you answer these questions about FSU football

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HintAnswerCan You answer these questions about FSU
Who last beat FSU before the start of the 27 game win streak?
How many National championships have FSU football won?
Current (2014 season) QB who is undefeated in college
Which SEC team did FSU defeat to end the SEC's streak of 9 championships in a row?
Where (which stadium) do the seminoles play football?
Which conference does FSU play football (and other sports) in?
Ranking in the first ever college football playoff committe rankings
Smallest margin of victory during the 2013-2014 season (excluding the championship game)
Against whom?
What colors are worn by the seminoles?
HintAnswerCan You answer these questions about FSU
Name a ranked (at the time of the game) opponent defeated by FSU in 2014
The gators have the chomp. we've got the...
when did FSU win their first national championship?
Fans of opposing schools wear ____ suits, mocking (answer to #3) for his incident involving these animals
Who replaced (answer to #3) and led the seminoles to victory in the FSU-Clemson game in 2014?
who became the second freshman to ever win the Heisman trophy?
what is the name of Osceola's horse?
Name of the school's band
Who was the first team beaten in the 27-game winning streak?
who is the hated rival of FSU?

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