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Can you name the Higest scoring average of a rookie season?

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Highest ever scored as a rookie at 37.6 (1959-60
Second place with a total of 31.6 (1961-62
First ever to avreage a triple double scored 30.5 his rookie season
Higest ever in scoring averaged 28.8 his rookie season
Averaged 28.8 rookie season (1968-69
One of the best ever soem people call him the G.O.A.T averaged 28.2 his rookie season
Had the ugliest free throw form (underhanded) averaged 25.7 (1965-66
Probaly never heard of him but averaged 25.2 (1962-63
One of the best lakers ever he served in WW2 and averaged 24.9 (1958-59
Probaly never heard of him either but averaged 24.8 (1970-71
Another Portland player you havent hear of but averaged 24.5 (1971-72
One of the best spurs ever has won many dpoy's And averaged 24.3 (1989-90
His name starts with a e and averaged 24.3 (1967-68
Another name you probaly never heard off averaged 24.2 (1977-78
Last name king and averaged 24.2 aswell (1977-78
He averaged 23.7 and played with the clippers (1982-83
This man is the answer and has some of the best handles of all time and averages 23.5
His name is alex and averaged 23.4 (1949-50
One of the most dominaiat centers ever 23.4 as a rookie (1992-93
R.I.P to this legend people call him a pistol and he averaged 23.2 (1970-7`
Hes a harp (part of his last name) averaged 22.9 (1986-87
won the dunk contest his rookie year in 2010 and he averaged 22.5 (2010-11
Mitch averaged 22.0 his rookie season (1988-89
Came out Purdue university has a son in the playing right now and averaged 21.9

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