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Oh my god! The Main Character and the Soap Salesman are the same person!
Oh my god! The fake Madeline Elster and Judy Barton are the same person, and the real Madeline Elster was already dead!
Oh my god! They stole the egg at the beginning of the movie on a train, the entire movie was pointless!
Oh my god! Crowe (not russell) has been dead the whole time!
Oh my god! He dressed up as his dead mother and murdered people1
Oh my god! They are eating people!
Oh my god! He was crazy the whole time, and the 'murderer' actually runs his insane asylum!
Oh my god! The Astronaut has been on earth the entire time!
Oh my god! The bad guy is the good guy's father!
Oh my god! The Town Council has been commiting all the murders!
Oh my god! The mathematical genius was NOT employed by the CIA, he was just schizophrenic!
Oh my god! The leader of the Irish Mafia is actually an FBI informant!
Oh my god! The statue was a fake the whole time

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