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What does Chuck's Hawaiian name Kunu mean?
What is the first place Brian (Peter's Brother In-Law) 'goes to' while webcam chatting with Peter?
What is the full title of Sarah Marshall's original T.V. show
What is the State Fish of Hawaii
How Old is Kunu?
Where did Dwayne (the bartender) live prior to moving to Oahu?
What is one of the three jokes Brian makes about Peter's hat?
Where does Kunu think Aldous sounds like he is from?
What is one of the names Peter's called because of his height?
What is the name of the show Sarah Marshall stars in after Crime Scene?
What were Darald and Aldous practicing sex on?
Where to Rachel and Peter go on their first 'date' after the beach party?
According to Peter, what brand of sweatpants would it be acceptable to wear?
What suite does Peter stay in for free?
What are the topping options Kimo offers at the Waffle Bar?
What does Keoki (who works at the answer to #12) call toilet paper?
What is the 'time change' Matthew the waiter experiences when Aldous starts to sing 'Inside of You' to Sarah?
What did Rachel's ex-boyfriend allegedly beat Kunu up with?

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