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HintMonsterFirst Appearance
The beloved series mascot; later incarnations may fuse into royaltyBurland Area, Chapter 1
Don't let this big bug's jaws scare you too muchBurland Area, Chapter 1
A giant fish would love this pink-hued annelidBurland Area, Chapter 1
A winged rodent with a penchant for air-to-ground attacksBurland Area, Chapter 1
Day or night, this toxic puddle can poison adventurersBurland Area (night), Chapter 1
Irritating in extremis, this floating enemy has mastered the Heal spellCave to Izmit, Chapter 1
Possessed tree base with Medical Herbs to burnIzmit Area, Chapter 1
Blue mole with a bad attitudeBottom of an Old Well, Chapter 1
This little wizard loves throwing out Blaze on the first turnBottom of an Old Well, Chapter 1
No mere faerie, this fellow casts SpeedUp frequentlyLoch Tower, Chapter 1
A hobbit who buffs up with UpperLoch Tower, Chapter 1
Nasty platypus who can bring down your defensesLoch Tower, Chapter 1
Try to drop this warlock before you get smacked with IceBoltLoch Tower, Chapter 1
Ironically, this big rooster can put you to sleep with a strikeLoch Tower, Chapter 1
Mostly harmless...unless its expression changes!Loch Tower, Chapter 1
Dastardly summoner with designs on killing small childrenLoch Tower, Chapter 1
This bug loves to jumpSanteem Area, Chapter 2
It's no joke; this rodent likes to pop up in big groupsSanteem Area, Chapter 2
Stronger and more courageous variant of everyone's favorite blobSanteem Area, Chapter 2
What do you get when you cross a pachyderm with a large mouse?Santeem Area, Chapter 2
This goblin multiplies quickly and leaves good sums of Gold PiecesSanteem Area, Chapter 2
That's not drool...Use Sap on these big dogsTempe Area, Chapter 2
Bizarre nesting monster who charges up to attackTempe Area, Chapter 2
Eradicate this sorceror before he kills all the young girls in the mountain village!Tempe, Chapter 2
Conventional weapons don't work well against this fire spiritFrenor Area, Chapter 2
Don't bite into one of these expecting to trip out...Frenor Area, Chapter 2
This half-bull, half-bird is just as dangerous asleep as awakeFrenor Area, Chapter 2
The Venus flytrap has nothing on this man-muncherFrenor Area, Chapter 2
You don't want to find one of these Sleep-inducing bugs in your bed...Cave South of Frenor, Chapter 2
Blah! I vant to...vait...I'm confused...Cave South of Frenor, Chapter 2
Airborne devil who loves to emit fireballsCave South of Frenor, Chapter 2
A fight with one of these nasty creatures could leave you seeing doubleCave South of Frenor, Chapter 2
Snakes...why did it have to be snakes? This one casts DefenceCave South of Frenor, Chapter 2
This dinosaur is just as likely to flee as it is to land a critical hitBazaar Area, Chapter 2
How does a worm dance? Don't askBazaar Area, Chapter 2
Blast this arachnid with Snowstorm before it bludgeons you with its tailBazaar Area, Chapter 2
Nice of Jeff Goldblum to make an if only he'd stop casting StopSpell!Birdsong Tower, Chapter 2
Noxious newt that can poison the whole partyBirdsong Tower, Chapter 2
This beholder proves that the rules of Bounce don't apply to IronizeBirdsong Tower, Chapter 2
A wicked flying sword with lots of friends in waiting to helpBirdsong Tower, Chapter 2
Aggravatingly fast tornado spirit with Infernos at the readyBirdsong Tower, Chapter 2
Flying reptile with an affinity for FirebalBirdsong Tower, Chapter 2
The scourge of Birdsong Tower, this drake casts Heal and breathes fireBirdsong Tower, Chapter 2
Be ready to take your lumps against this soldier gone AWOLEndor Area, Chapter 2
Kill this undead warrior quickly, lest your defense be reduced to naughtEndor Area, Chapter 2
Slick, quick and apt to run away...pray for a critical hit!Endor Area, Chapter 2
He's no Attila...Endor Coliseum, Chapter 2
Watch out for that BoomerangEndor Coliseum, Chapter 2
If you have one, a Metal Babble Shield will stop her in her tracks completelyEndor Coliseum, Chapter 2
Unfortunately, Alena can't cut off this knight's hair to stunt his strengthEndor Coliseum, Chapter 2
This sloth is a master of miragesEndor Coliseum, Chapter 2
This octopus is the ONLY new monster in Chapter 3Cave of the Silver Statuette, Chapter 3
A white monotreme with a tendency to run from battleMonbaraba Area, Chapter 4
Don't let the holy name fool you; these blue-green devils are poisonousKievs Area, Chapter 4
Marionette of magma?Kievs Area, Chapter 4
Cute little devil with the ability to Heal and do strange dancesCave West of Kievs, Chapter 4
Icy critter with a duck's billCave West of Kievs, Chapter 4
It may be the strongest of its kind, but it's still just a beetleKeeleon Area, Chapter 4!!! And get that Surround spell out of here!Keeleon Area, Chapter 4
All hail the big sludge...and mind the body attacks, pleaseKeeleon Area, Chapter 4
HintMonsterFirst Appearance
Never trust a green tree stump, especially one that casts SleepmoreAktemto Area, Chapter 4
This airborne blade can inflict paralysis with its attacksAktemto Area, Chapter 4
A golden rat that rapidly multipliesAktemto Area, Chapter 4
Big cat with an ear-splitting roarAktemto Area, Chapter 4
Very strange ghost that often gets flusteredAktemto Area, Chapter 4
This blood sucker will put you to sleep from the ceilingAktemto Mine, Chapter 4
This fire-breathing lizard runs away at the drop of a hatAktemto Mine, Chapter 4
Don't pick this purple bloom unless you want to be silencedAktemto Mine, Chapter 4
No wonder everyone's so freaked out about going to the circus...Aktemto Mine, Chapter 4
A nasty chicken in spite of a lack of special abilitiesAktemto Mine, Chapter 4
The ability to attack and defend in the same round makes this enemy toughAktemto Mine, Chapter 4
You must battle this murderer of Edgar twice to defeat him for goodKeeleon, Chapter 4
He may not have an imaginative name, but this giant lion is a real challengeKeeleon, Chapter 4
A rare toxic enemy found north of Endor late in the gameBonmalmo Area, Chapter 5
Would these hero-eating plants scream if you pulled them from the ground?Branca Area (East), Chapter 5
Enjoy the inflated reward you get from this faerie; there are only two in the gameCave of Betrayal, Chapter 5
A strong sniper that can summon more of its kindAneaux Area, Chapter 5
Gwoon, Gwoon. These relatively rare sloths cannot split into miragesAneaux Area, Chapter 5
Try not to giggle at the suggestive name of this fire-slingerGreat Lighthouse, Chapter 5
This powerful tiger becomes a pussycat with a simple Sleep spellGreat Lighthouse, Chapter 5
Barb-tailed ocean dweller that loves to call for reinforcementsOcean, Chapter 5
The occasional Surround spell is all that keeps this fishy foe from being meatOcean, Chapter 5
Fire-breathing sea monster that resembles a dragonOcean, Chapter 5
Tuna gone badOcean, Chapter 5
Even far from Portugal, this jellyfish can paralyze your partyOcean, Chapter 5
Just TRY to take this yellow pinniped's tusks!Ocean, Chapter 5
This summoner calls a variety of forces to its aid, including the windsMintos Area, Chapter 5
Dangerous mushroom with a couple of spells at its disposalMintos Area, Chapter 5
This purple demon talks a good game, but only its cold breath is dangerousMintos Area, Chapter 5
It's not hard to figure out the two root animals of this bovine mutation; just split the name in halfMintos Area, Chapter 5
Magic is your friend against this hardy, armored opponentMintos Area, Chapter 5
Grab your jacket if you want to fight this frosty monster for the seed it guardsCave of the Padequia, Chapter 5
Be careful not to run afoul of this poewrful foe in the search for treasure!Cave of the Padequia, Chapter 5
The many abilities of this puppet inform the considerable spoils for beating it--300 Gold a pop!Keeleon Area, Chapter 5
Make sure the 'deep breath' this beast will inevitably take is its last!Keeleon Area, Chapter 5
Two attacks per turn and the ability to summon help? Just think what'll happen when it grows up!Keeleon Area, Chapter 5
Is it counterintuitive that an undead warrior casts Healmore?Keeleon Area, Chapter 5
Magical foe that likes to cast Beat and travel in pairsKeeleon Area, Chapter 5
Even asleep, this buggy blue baddie is tough to killSanteem Area, Chapter 5
This floating red medic is a highly advanced version of its blue predecessorSanteem Area, Chapter 5
With dangerous attacks and Infermore spells, this dog is multitalentedSanteem Area, Chapter 5
A big cat that casts StopSpell, this is no average tigerSanteem Area, Chapter 5
As if an anthropomorphic rhinoceros wasn't bad enough, this one carries a Battle AxeSanteem, Chapter 5
Isn't he an adorable little monst--AAAH BLAZEMORE IN MY FACE!!!Santeem, Chapter 5
This knight's extremely powerful attacks are made more dangerous by its use of SleepmoreStancia Area, Chapter 5
Perhaps the strangest enemy in the game, it can only cast Sacrifice to attackStancia Area, Chapter 5
This icy flyer is very dangerous no matter when it's encounteredStancia Area, Chapter 5
A powerful purple dinosaur...and I don't mean BarneyBurland Area, Chapter 5
This stubborn ox loves to paralyze your party with scorching breathBurland Area, Chapter 5
Watch out for that powerful lance and this fallen fighter's Healmore spellBurland Area, Chapter 5
Try to avoid using magic against this reaper, lest it be Bounced back your wayBurland Area, Chapter 5
Be perpared to cast NumbOff after tangling with this beastGardenbur Area, Chapter 5
Don't steal his bukkit, or he'll beat you to a pulp...twice in one round, even!Gardenbur Area, Chapter 5
Violent blazes make this bluish chicken dangerous when it attacks in groupsGardenbur Area, Chapter 5
Quick as quicksilver; Mara's BeDragon spell works wonders against these puddlesGardenbur Area, Chapter 5
You'll be saying 'Doggone it!' after all that scorching gas finally clearsCave South of Gardenbur, Chapter 5
That Bronze Amulet belongs to the nun, mister!Cave South of Gardenbur, Chapter 5
A powerful foe who guards Saro's greatest treasure...Rosaville, Chapter 5
Try to ignore the hideous, shrieking roars and clip this wyvern's wingsRoyal Crypt, Chapter 5
One can only guess how this sword got so very, very redRoyal Crypt, Chapter 5
HintMonsterFirst Appearance
Firebane, RobMagic, sweet there anything this wizard can't do?Royal Crypt, Chapter 5
A fiery fish that loves to cast IncreaseCascade Cave, Chapter 5
This strong windstorm is easily dissipated with ice spellsCascade Cave, Chapter 5
A mostly unremarkable serpent in spite of its vibrant coloration and ability to cast StopSpellCascade Cave, Chapter 5
This massive octopus can take a VERY long time to kill, especially with two attacks per roundCascade Cave, Chapter 5
Mind that you don't end up paralyzed during battle with this overgrown skateCascade Cave, Chapter 5
A very strong skeletal foe with a Sword of Lethargy at the readyShrine of Breaking Waves, Chapter 5
Lots of breath attacks from lots of mouthsShrine of Breaking Waves, Chapter 5
Remarkably, Anne McCaffrey never batted an eyelash at the name of this scorching gas-dealing enemyShrine of Breaking Waves, Chapter 5
Sadly, it never seems to drop that Staff of Thunder it carriesShrine of Breaking Waves, Chapter 5
Extremely dangerous airborne insect with a love of the Blizzard spellShrine of Breaking Waves, Chapter 5
Not much trouble on its own, but that HealUs act gets old fast when it's in a group!Shrine of Breaking Waves, Chapter 5
No enemy multiplies like this windy work of art come to lifeShrine of Breaking Waves, Chapter 5
A sea dragon with a lot of HP; put it to sleep to make your life easierShrine of Breaking Waves, Chapter 5
Not as powerful as its name would imply, but Healmore is still a pain to counteractRiverton Area (Land), Chapter 5
A hard-hitting opponent; you'll meet lots of these in Dire PalaceRiverton Area (Land), Chapter 5
One wonders if that first letter wasn't a poor translation of 'W'Riverton Area (Land), Chapter 5
With all those paws, it's no surprise that it attacks twice per turnRiverton Area (Land), Chapter 5
This little mantid looks harmless enough, until it starts throwing Chaos aroundRiverton Area (Land), Chapter 5
Watch out for the Defeat's best to take this chilly foe out firstColossus, Chapter 5
An enormous bat with the ability to put the party to sleepColossus, Chapter 5
This is where that X-Ray spell comes in really handy; you don't want to tangle with this deadly box!Colossus, Chapter 5
The Mirror of Ra will keep this spirit from taking on the form of your charactersDire Palace, Chapter 5
Snowstorms aside, this big fellow isn't really that dangerous until it gets scaredAktemto Mine, Chapter 5
You thought HealUs was bad? Try HealUsAll, especially coming from this obnoxiously happy chartreuse blobAktemto Mine, Chapter 5
It's likely you'll just meet the one in the mine depths, but you can also find this strong monster near GottsideAktemto Mine, Chapter 5
The original Ruler of Evil, at least in this particular gameAktemto Mine, Chapter 5
Death spells will wipe out this nasty tornado nearly without failWorld Tree, Chapter 5
There may not be a princess to save, but you still have to blast this big reptileWorld Tree, Chapter 5
FendSpell adds a frustrating dimension to fighting this fuchsia demonWorld Tree, Chapter 5
That double-ended maul seems awfully big for its sizeWorld Tree, Chapter 5
Magic probably isn't the best course of action to deal with this dark-colored 'flying fox'Gottside Area, Chapter 5
The aggravating tendency to roar hideously makes this big lion troublesomeGottside Area, Chapter 5
It's almost as though this sorceror keeps a World Tree in its back pocket!Gottside Area, Chapter 5
Wield a Mirror Shield if you want a reasonably effective way to snag the 30000+ EXP this royal holdsGottside Area, Chapter 5
Tough monsters wear pink, and lots of it. Beware the frequent critical hits!Zenithian Tower, Chapter 5
A blue snake that apparently crawled out of its hole to do battle with the partyZenithian Tower, Chapter 5
Scorching enemy that also pops up on Necrosaro's mountainZenithian Tower, Chapter 5
A rare opponent on the way to Zenithia, he summons curiously weak support monstersZenithian Tower, Chapter 5
Just think, this heavy hitter is one letter away from being PresidentZenithian Tower, Chapter 5
Magically resistant goblin with a tendency to split if struck with weaponsZenithian Tower, Chapter 5
This drake uses all sorts of nasty status effects against the partyFinal Cave, Chapter 5
A deceptively powerful magic user, given its size and strengthFinal Cave, Chapter 5
The only enemy that can cast FarewellFinal Cave, Chapter 5
Critical, miss, critical, that big log actually a Demon Hammer?Final Cave, Chapter 5
This wizard would REALLY be a pain in the neck if she didn't follow a specific attack patternFinal Cave, Chapter 5
A much stronger, though less poisonous, version of its green brother from the World TreeFinal Cave, Chapter 5
If this demon gets the chance to call a friend, say goodbye to your magic for the battleFinal Cave, Chapter 5
Despite its bounciness, this mask is actually a little less irritating than its predecessorEvil World, Chapter 5
Prepare for a long battle if you find three of this blue-tinted winged horrorEvil World, Chapter 5
Don't try to party with this powerful mace-userEvil World, Chapter 5
A fiery mounted villain with a variety of strong attacksEvil World, Chapter 5
This blizzard-slinging dragon knight almost always attacks in pairsEvil World, Chapter 5
Don't get tricked by this big baddie, or his golem guards[Monster]'s Lair, Chapter 5
Beat this sentinel to receive a free Sword of Miracles[Monster]'s Lair, Chapter 5
This dragon would be mind-numbingly easy on its own. Too bad you have to fight three at once[Monster]'s Lair, Chapter 5
Avoid using magic if you want to get revenge for Rosa's deathTower of [Monster], Chapter 5
Easily avoided if you employ the StepGuard spell; otherwise, look out for instant death attacks[Monster]'s Palace, Chapter 5
This scythe-bearing red devil loves to attack in groups and decimate the party[Monster]'s Palace, Chapter 5
If you want to know why he's so mad, just go spend the night in Izmit...Lofty Mountain, Chapter 5

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