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Can you name the 75 Culinary Fruits?

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It keeps the doctor away
Looks like cantaloupe, but smells very different
Popular component in scones
Key, Persian or Kaffir
Something fishy about this little fruit...
Like a peach, but not fuzzy
Save the ____!
Another name for a kerfuffle, row or skirmish
Swedish pancakes are tasty with this tart topping
When you're unable to marry undercover, you...?
Breathe fire with this polka-dotted fruit
One of the few brown fruits; makes a popular soda south of the border
Often eaten dried; the pits are very poisonous
Michael York might have eaten these on his 'Run'
Stinks to high heaven, and doesn't taste much better!
Think 'Real Housewives,' both in county and complexion
The blackish seeds of this popular tropical fruit are edible
Five points and a subtle sweet flavor
Your father smelled of these
This aromatic fruit may spark your love life
The opposite of 'mawmaw'
Related to nightshade, these were once thought toxic
Newton's favorite (no, not apple!)
Chinese fruit that resembles an eyeball when shelled
You mean this is really a fruit? Holy guacamole!
Sometimes erroneously called 'custard apple'
Deep green melon which shares a name with cities in Crete and Brazil
Persephone made the mistake of sharing one with Hades
The syrup of this Chinese fruit soothes sore throats
Sounds a little like something you'd find in a bakery
Tasty Japanese citrus; throw it down in Scrabble for lots of points
Red or yellow, seedless or not, it's a Fourth of July staple
Rainier and Bing are true varieties; maraschino is not
This superfruit is also known as 'wolfberry'
Asian desserts are often flavored with this
This citrus tastes fine, but it ain't got no alibi
It's not just a phone
Sometimes referred to as a 'Mandarin'
Honk, honk...watch where you step!
One GIANT grapefruit, with sweeter flesh
It's not recommended you use one to sew
Like a funky-shaped lemon
It comes in many colors, and that's nothing to 'wine' about
Chris Kattan's most memorable 'SNL' character
A princess in constant need of rescue?
Bosc, Bartlett or d'Anjou; often poached for dessert
The ruby red variety is the state fruit of Texas
This Sicilian delight is Dracula's favorite citrus
Oh my darlin'
Gives its name to a variety of red quartz
Also known as 'Sharon fruit'
Spiny Hawaiian product rich in Vitamin C
Strange purple-and-white tropical fruit
A pale green favorite in fruit salads
Like a banana, but starchier
Little Jack Horner put his thumb in one
Resembles a small, hairy bowling ball
A beloved cartoon hound or Twain protagonist
Popular pudding and cake flavor is found in the pods
Birds love these dark purple fruits
Watch out harvesting this--you may get poked!
_____ fields forever
Don't get cranky...
Fats Domino sang of this hill
Careful not to slip on the peel!
Sounds like body parts of a flower
Popular in making white wine
Butterflies (but not TV detectives) love this Southwest Asian treefruit
Possibly the funniest name in the fruit kingdom?
Well-known South American superfruit with a unique dark color
Girls love this small hybrid just as much as young men
The Meyer variety is sweet rather than sour
A 90s alt-rock band, or a popular Thanksgiving sauce
The apteryx is better known by this name

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