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Can you name the Harry Potter locations?

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Malfoy residence
Gellert grindelwald's prison
Classroom at the highest level of hogwarts
Training room for 'Dumbledore's Army'
Where to get your Galleons, sickles and knuts in diagon alley
Where to go in hogwarts if you want to get a basilisk fang
The room with a dragon skeleton hanging from the ceiling
Where snape died
Where Voldemort was reborn,(and cedric died)
Where Harry died
On which floor did fluffy dwell on?
Wher to buy books in diagon alley
Which Prison Rodolphus lestrange died in
Which pub was katie bell imperiused in ?
Where Voldemort first met Harry
The best place to buy a wand
Where sirius black died
Where you are going if you tickle a picture of a pear
The train station that has a platform 9 3/4
Which house number do the dursleys live at?
THe country in which Hogwarts is Located
Where Phineas Nigellus Black used to live
Where to go if you've hurt yourself in Hogwarts
Where to go if you've hurt yourself severely
Igor Karkaroff's school
Madame Maxime's school
Which is the only class room that is under the water level.
Where to go in hogsmeade if you like tea
The weasley Residence
Where Voldemort died

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