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Digital vessel thrombosis with damage to neuromuscular compartment
Necrotizing granulomas in upper respiratory tract and lower respiratory tract
Person with difficulty swallowing and thickened skin and fingertip ulceration
Vessels at same stage of inflammation
Acute MI/STEMI in child
Spares pulmonary arteries
Vessels at all stages of acute and chronic inflammation
Children under 5 years of age
Which disease has 100% involvement of the lower extremities?
Takayasu Treatment
granulomatous large vessel aortic arch
Type III HSN IgA immunecomplexes
temporal headache and pain with chewing
What are the three C-s for Wegeners?
Ulceration and gangrene in tips of fingers with preserved sensation
absent upper extremity pulse with discrepancy in pulses
pulseless disease
Acral cyanosis of nose and ears and Raynaud Phenomenon
young asian women and children
Treatment for Wegener?
HCV and renal failure
Blindness on one side with muscle and joint pain
Renal, coronary, mesenteric arteries (medium sized)
Treatment for Polyarteritis Nodosa/PAN
Adults >50 years of age with difficulty chewing
Strawberry tongue
necrotizing medium sized vessel involving a LARGE variety of arteries
Treatment for microscopic polyangiitis
p-ANCA without peripheral eosinophilia
Treatment for Kawasaki Disease
Erythema of hands and feet
RPGN with p-ANCA
Autoamputation 2/2 ischemia/ulceration/gangrene
Exaggerated vasomotor response to cold
Involving aortic arches
Churg-Strauss without the eosinophilia or asthma
String of pearls appearance
What is the kidney disease associated with Wegener?
Treatment for Cryoglobulinemia
Smoker with Raynaud
Hemoptysis, nasal ulceration, and hematuria
Necrotizing medium-sized involving coronary arteries (primarily)
Treatment for Giant cell/Temporal Arteritis
Men 25-50 who smoke
involving superficial temporal and ophthalmic arteries
Treatment for Buerger
Vasculitis in fingers and toes with some involvement of nose
Treatment for Raynaud DISEASE
IgA-Anti-IgA Immunocomplexes
Treament for Henoch-Schonlein Purpura/HSP
granulomatous large vessel temporal and ophthalmic
Palpable purpura and and GI bleeding
Polyarthritis, glomerulonephritis, abdominal pain and GI bleeding
Often follows viral URI in a child

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