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A low, sad state marked by significant levels of sadness, lack of energy, low self-worth, guilt, or related symptoms.
A state or episode of euphoria or frenzied activity in which people may have an exaggerated belief that the world is theirs for the taking.
Depression without a history of mania.
A disorder marked by alternating or intermixed periods of mania and depression.
A severe pattern of depression that is disabling and is not caused by such factors as drugs or a general medical condition.
A mood disorder that is similar to but longer-lasting and less disabling than a major depressive disorder.
A neurotransmitter whose abnormal activity is linked to depression and panic disorder.
A neurotransmitter whose abnormal activity is linked to depression, OCD, and eating disorders.
According to Freudian theory, the loss of a valued object that is unconsciously interpreted as the loss of a loved one.
A pattern of depressed behavior found among very young children that is caused by separation from one's mother.
The three forms of negative thinking that Aaron Beck theorizes lead people to feel depressed. Consists of negative view of one's experiences, oneself, and the future.
Numerous unpleasant thoughts that help to cause or maintian depression, anxiety, or other forms of psychological dysfunction.
The perception, based on past experiences, that one has no control over one's reinforcements.
A type of bipolar disorder marked by full manic and major depressive episodes.
A type of bipolar disorder maked by mildly manic (hypomanic) episodes and major depressive episodes.
A disorder marked by numerous periods of hypomanic symptoms and mild depressive symptoms.

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