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Can you name the TV actor by three of the roles they have played over the years?

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TV RolesActor
Assistant Director Walter Skinner, Samuel Campbell, Harris Ryland
Kelly Bundy, Jesse Warner, Samantha Who
Chris Keller, Detective Elliot Stabler, Roman Zimojic
Prince George, Bertie Wooster, Gregory House
Lt. Richard D. Winters, Charlie Crews, Nicholas Brody
Lisa Miller, Nurse Abby Lockhart, Helen Solloway
Monica Geller, Lucy Spiller, Jules Cobb
Lovejoy, Al Swearengen, King Silas Benjamin
Ryan Atwood, Ben Sherman, James Gordon
Agent Mike Giardello, Gus Fring, Sidney Glass
Nelle Porter, Lindsay Bluth, Veronica Palmer
Elaine Benes, Christine Campbell, Selina Meyer
Max Headroom, Jim Taggart, Dr. Aldous Leekie
Kendall Hart, Buffy Summers, Sydney Roberts
Tony Scali, Detective Vic Mackey, Dell Toledo
TV RolesActor
Dr. Sam Beckett, Captain Jonathan Archer, Dwayne Pride
Ann Nivens, Rose Nylund, Elka Ostrovsky
Gavin Park, Jin Kwon, Chin Ho Kelly
Omar Little, Professor Marshall Kane, Chalky White
Anne Boleyn, Margaery Tyrell, Jamie Moriarty
Alex P. Keaton, Mike Flaherty, Louis Canning
Lucius Vorenus, Dan Vasser, Dr. Owen Hunt
Sam Seaborn, Robert McCallister, Chris Traeger
Elliot DiMauro, Keith Mars, Gregory Parker
Winifred Burkle, Dr. Claire Saunders, Root
Barney Fife, Ralph Furley, Les Calhoun
Casey McCall, Nate Fisher, Adam Braverman
Mel, Mabel Pines, Louise Belcher
Officer Stacy Sheridan, Sammy Jo Dean, Amanda Woodward
Xena, D'Anna Biers, Lucretia

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