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Can you name the correct answers to the questions about The Fault In Our Stars?

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What is Hazel's last name?
What is Augustus' last name?
What book series is Augustus' favorite?
What book is Hazel's favorite?
Metaphorically, what does Hazel see herself as?
Metaphorically, what does Augustus envision himself as, post-reoccurance?
Who wrote The Fault In Our Stars?
Who is Hazel's closest female friend?
Who is Augustus' ex-girlfriend?
What color theme is their picnic?
What is Hazel's stuffed animal named?
What does the waiter at Oranjee call the champagne?
Who is Hazel and Augustus' good friend?
What does Hazel's dad do a lot?
What are the messages around Augustus' house called?
What does Hazel name her 'breathing machine'?
What is Hazel's main doctor named?
What is the name of the miracle drug that prolongs Hazel's life?
What did Hazel spend her cancer wish on?
What did Augustus spend his wish on?
What type of diagram is a running joke between Hazel and Augustus?
Who is Isaac's ex/girlfriend?
Who is the author of Hazel's favorite book?
What is Hazel's favorite TV show?
Who is the main character in Augustus' favorite video game?

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