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Can you name the various peoples of the world of ASOIAF?

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Original inhabitants of Westeros
One of the three main ethnic groups of Westeros, found mainly in the north
One of the three main ethnic groups of Westeros, who created the Faith of the Seven
One of the three main ethnic groups of Westeros, found mainly in Dorne
Humanoid creatures from beyond the wall
Undead humans
Humans who live beyond the wall
Mammoth-riding people from beyond the wall
Inhabitants of the Neck
How the inhabitants of the Iron Islands refer to themselves
How the inhabitants of Skagos refer to themselves
Descendents of Nymeria who refuse to assimilate into Dornish culture
Nomadic horselords of Essos
Natives of the region of Ghiscar
Hairy inhabitants of Ibben
People from beyond the Bone Mountains who ride zorses
Native inhabitants of Leng
A peaceful sheepherding people from Lhazar
Inhabitants of Naath
Inhabitants of Asshai-by-the-Shadow
Inhabitants of the Shadow Lands
Inhabitants of the great city of Qarth
Inhabitants of Yi Ti
Inhabitants of Sothoryos, also called Brindled Men
Inhabitants of the Summer Isles

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