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Can you name all the known members of Vale houses in A Song of Ice and Fire?

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House Arryn
Lord of the Eyrie, Warden of the East and Hand of the King (deceased) 
First wife of the Lord (deceased) 
Cousin and second wife of the Lord (deceased) 
Third wife of the Lord 
Only child of the Lord, heir to the Eyrie 
Brother of the Lord, keeper of the Gates of the Moon; died of a bad belly 
Son of the above, killed on the orders of Aerys II Targaryen 
Sister of the Lord (deceased) 
Known as 'the Darling of the Vale' 
House Baelish
Lord of Harrenhal and Lord Protector of the Trident 
His bastard daughter, actually Sansa Stark 
House Belmore
Lord of Strongsong 
Captain of guards at the Eyrie 
House Breakstone
A knight 
House Coldwater
Lord of Coldwater Burn 
Unknown relation  
House Corbray
Lord of Heart's Home 
Brother of the Lord 
Brother of the Lord 
House Egen
Captain of guards at the Eyrie; slain by Bronn in trial by combat 
House Grafton
Lord of Gulltown 
His son 
House Hardyng
Known as 'the Heir' 
His bastard daughter 
Wife of Walton Frey 
House Hunter
Lord of Longbow Hall (deceased) 
His first son, Lord of Longbow Hall 
His second son 
His third son 
Wife of Edwyn Frey 
House Lipps
A knight 
House Lynderly
Lord of the Snakewood 
Heir to the Snakewood 
Unknown relation 
House Moore
Kingsguard to Robert I Baratheon and Joffrey I Baratheon; slain by Podrick Payne on the Blackwater 
House Redfort
Lord of Redfort 
Son of the Lord 
Son of the Lord 
Son of the Lord 
Son of the Lord, wed to Ysilla Royce 
House Royce
Lord of Runestone 
His eldest son and heir 
Known as 'the Red', slain by Loras Tyrell 
A ranger of the Night's Watch, slain by the Others 
Married to Ser Mychel Redfort 
First wife of Walder Frey 
Married to Ser Arwood Frey 
Went to Brandon Stark with King's Landing, slain on the orders of Aerys II Targaryen 
House Tollett
Lord of the Grey Glen 
A knight of the Grey Glen 
A steward of the Night's Watch 
House Waynwood
Lady of Ironoaks 
Eldest son of the Lady, heir to Ironoaks 
Son of the above, grandson of the Lady 
Second son of the Lady, Knight of the Gate 
Youngest son of the Lady 
Wife of Ser Geremy Frey 
House Shett
The Knight of Gull Tower 
A knight of Gulltown 
House Templeton
The Knight of Ninestars 
House Waxley
The Knight of Wickenden 
House Borrell
Lord of Sweetsister 
His granddaughter 
House Longthorpe
Lord of Longsister 
House Sunderland
Lord of the Three Sisters 
House Torrent
Lord of Littlesister 
House Royce of the Gates of the Moon
High Steward of the Vale, Lord of the Gates of the Moon 
Son of the Lord, heir to the Gates of the Moon 
Daughter of the Lord 

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