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Can you name the heads of noble Houses in ASOIAF? Answers are correct as of ADWD.

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The North
House Stark 
House Bolton of the Dreadfort 
House Bolton of Winterfell 
House Cerwyn 
House Dustin 
House Flint of the mountains 
House Flint of Widow's Watch 
House Glover 
House Karstark 
House Liddle 
House Locke 
House Manderly 
House Mormont 
House Norrey 
House Redbeard 
House Reed 
House Ryswell 
House Stout 
House Tallhart 
House Thenn 
House Umber 
House Wull 
The Riverlands
House Tully 
House Baelish of Harrenhal 
House Blackwood 
House Bracken 
House Frey of Riverrun 
House Frey of the Crossing 
House Goodbrook 
House Lannister of Darry 
House Lychester 
House Mallister 
House Mooton 
House Piper 
House Smallwood 
House Vance of Atranta 
House Vance of Wayfarer's Rest 
House Vypren 
House Cox 
House Heddle 
House Paege 
House Darry 
House Arryn of the Eyrie 
The Vale
House Baelish of the Fingers 
House Belmore 
House Coldwater 
House Corbray 
House Grafton 
House Hunter 
House Lynderly 
House Redfort 
House Royce of Runestone 
House Royce of the Gates of the Moon 
House Tollett 
House Waynwood 
House Shett of Gull Tower 
House Templeton 
House Waxley 
House Borrell 
House Longthorpe 
House Sunderland 
House Torrent 
The Iron Islands
House Greyjoy 
House Botley 
House Drumm 
House Farwynd of Sealskin Point 
House Goodbrother of Hammerhorn 
House Harlaw of Harlaw 
House Merlyn 
House Orkwood 
House Saltcliffe 
House Tawney 
House Volmark 
House Wynch 
House Farwynd of the Lonely Light 
House Goodbrother of Shatterstone 
House Harlaw of Grey Garden 
House Harlaw of Harridan Hill 
House Harlaw of Harlaw Hall 
House Harlaw of the Tower of Glimmering 
House Ironmaker 
The Westerlands
House Lannister of Casterly Rock 
House Banefort 
House Brax 
House Crakehall 
House Estren 
House Farman 
House Jast 
House Kenning of Kayce 
House Lefford 
House Lydden 
House Marbrand 
House Moreland 
House Plumm 
House Prester 
House Spicer 
House Stackspear 
House Westerling 
House Clifton 
House Greenfield 
House Hetherspoon 
House Lorch 
House Ruttiger 
House Swyft 
House Vikary 
House Yew 
The Crownlands
House Baratheon of King's Landing 
House Chyttering 
House Hayford 
House Rykker 
House Slynt 
House Stokeworth 
House Brune of Brownhollow 
House Hogg 
House Baratheon of Dragonstone 
House Bar Emmon 
House Celtigar 
House Velaryon 
House Brune of the Dyre Den 
House Targaryen 
The Stormlands
House Baratheon of Storm's End 
House Foote of Nightsong 
House Selmy 
House Swann 
House Buckler 
House Connington 
House Errol 
House Estermont 
House Grandison 
House Mertyns 
House Morrigen 
House Peasebury 
House Seaworth 
House Staedmon 
House Tarth 
House Wylde 
The Reach
House Tyrell of Highgarden 
House Ambrose 
House Beesbury 
House Bulwer 
House Caswell 
House Costayne 
House Cuy 
House Florent 
House Hightower 
House Meadows 
House Merryweather 
House Mullendore 
House Oakheart 
House Peake 
House Redwyne 
House Rowan 
House Tarly 
House Tyrell of Brightwater Keep 
House Varner 
House Graceford 
House Fossoway of New Barrel 
House Volmark of Greenshield 
House Harlaw of Greyshield 
House Grimm 
House Hewett 
House Serry 
House Nymeros Martell 
House Allyrion 
House Blackmont 
House Dayne of Starfall 
House Fowler 
House Gargalen 
House Jordayne 
House Manwoody 
House Qorgyle 
House Toland 
House Uller 
House Vaith 
House Yronwood 
House Dalt 
House Dayne of High Hermitage 
House Santagar 

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