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Can you name the mistranslated movie quotes (from English to Japanese and back to English)?

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Mistranslated QuoteMovieActual Quote
This Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off that
Average lead. Absolve me! Absolve me! Absolve me! Absolve me! I waiver of all of you!
Fat, drunk is a stupid life, how to move through the son is not.
Road? Here, we are going we do not need roads.
Good. Because of the moment, we thought the problem was.
Good Night Maine, your prince. King of New England.
The failure to convey that we have here
One got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky? 'Well, what ya punk?
You are not here to fight. This is the potential for war.
Do you know what? All your stinkin 'son of ...!
Mistranslated QuoteMovieActual Quote
I'm not average. I will live the rest of my life like a fool.
Spilled legs.
I Santakara the stomach about the possibility of life without all of the vampire mind one thing.
Eliza? Here, what the devil my slippers?
Actually it was not your last. Mania you! You blast it! The mind of God! God will take care of all Hell
From me, get smelly feet damned dirty ape.
My boss, my boss, my boss, I'm a boss, but my boss ... (I) boss, boss, boss, boss's boss.
We have a chat or longer, I hope I do I have an old friend for dinner. Bye
All right, Mr. De Mille, is ready for my close-up.
His greatest trick the devil pulled the plug until the world was convinced did not exist. And such, he is no longer

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