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Can you name the songs whose lyrics were translated into Japanese and then back to English?

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Forced Order
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Mistranslated LyricsArtist/SongOriginal Lyric
Really good, our dance studio. Alignment, alignment, on the radio dog feces. Do not stop for anyone. We are plastic, but we still have fun.
So I put my hand, they are playing my songs, while the butterflies fly away. Nodded his head, I think so, yes, I want to move the hip.
I've been wandering, I was looking all I see. Painted faces fill posts that can not reach.
And you already have a smile can light up the whole city. I have not seen it for some time, because she takes you to the. You say you have been good, I know you better than this.
Who says I can not spend time? The county line to meet all the girls, and then wait for the fate of a signal. Who says I can not spend time?
I know you're the type of child you are dangerous. This guy I was stupid you trust. However, just one night, can not do wrong, you let me do not want to out of control.
As in the casino chicken, with your bait, I want you to. I guarantee that this commitment, please in this one of the reasons, I terrific.
Now, put your hands. In the club, we have just broke up, I have done my own thing. Decided to drop, and now you want to visit the cause of my brother found.
Change the mode of looking at her in the oval that this is not you say that you said is too complicated approach. For one minute thought that I do not know how to fall off. This is

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