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The half-life of Zn-71 is 2.4 minutes. If one had 100.0 g at the beginning, how many grams would be left after 7.2 minutes has elapsed?
After 24.0 days, 2.00 milligrams of an original 128.0 milligram sample remain. What is the half-life of the sample?
How much time will be required for a sample of H-3 to lose 75% of its radioactivity? The half-life of tritium is 12.26 years.
How long will it take for a 64.0 g sample of Rn-222 (half-life = 3.8 days) to decay to 8.00 g?
Manganese-56 has a half-life of 2.6 h. What is the mass of manganese-56 in a 1.0 g sample of the isotope at the end of 10.4 h?

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