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Can you name the attack shared by each pokemon in the series?

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PokemonMoveAverage Level Learned
Charmander, Sandshrew, Mankey1
Hoppip, Azurill, Buneary1
Sunkern, Kabuto, Oddish2.67
Slowpoke, Gulpin, Slakoth2.67
Lotad, Whismur, Drifloon6
Cleffa, Plusle, Wynaut7.33
Slugma, Kakuna, Aron8
Natu, Spinarak, Gastly12
Dugtrio, Magneton, Dodrio12
Staryu, Donphan, Hitmontop13.33
Rattata, Scizor, Absol14
Geodude, Pineco, Baltoy14.33
Scizor*, Metagross, Hitmonchan16.33
PokemonMoveAverage Level Learned
Vulpix, Kirlia, Mesprit21
Chatot, Sudowoodo, Mr. Mime21.33
Magnezone, Probopass, Porygon-Z24.67
Snorlax, Poliwhirl, Hariyama27
Shellder, Snover, Snorunt30.33
Weavile, Ambipom, Marowak37
Hitmonchan, Combusken, Breloom39.67
Psyduck, Drowzee, Cranidos41
Feraligatr, Registeel, Bidoof41.33
Geodude, Pineco, Baltoy44.67
Lucario, Rayquaza, Arcanine50
Regigigas, Electivire, Aerodactyl80

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