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Can you name the pokemon that belong to each of the 6 trainers?

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RouteTrainer / Lead Pokemon
1. Ash
2. James
3. Jessie
4. Elekid
5. Roggenrola
6. Meganium
7. Primeape
8. Sceptile
9. Meowth
10. Ninetales
11. Mightyena
12. Jolteon
13. Pikachu
14. Raticate
15. Metapod
16. Koffing
17. Unown
18. Misty
RouteTrainer / Lead Pokemon
19. Cyndaquil
20. Diglett
21. Torkoal
22. Brock
23. Elgyem
24. Spoink
25. Plusle
26. Minun
27. Alomomola
28. Tauros
29. Staryu
30. Oshawott
31. Hitmonchan
32. Gary
33. Donphan
34. Nosepass
35. Voltorb
36. Mareep

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We couldn't think of a good mythology pun. Our apollo-gies.
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