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Can you name the idioms, definitions, and other phrases that all use the word 'heat'?

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What you should do to an oven before using it to make food
Someone who has a concealed handgun is doing this
Describes a missile that uses infrared homing
You should get out of the kitchen if you can't do this
If a race ends in a tie, it is said to be this
If an emotional reaction causes you do make a quick, thoughtless action, the action happens in this time
What you say when you mean a time of great activity or pressure has begun
A potentially fatal form of hyperthermia in which the body temperature is elevated dramatically
Another word for either a handgun or a fastball
When someone attempts to do something extra difficult when he or she is on a roll (from basketball)
To relieve the pressure or suspicion on someone is to do this
A period of hot and humid weather
When a species moves into its time of highest level of reproduction, it is said to do this
An economy that tends toward inflation does this
An urban area with a higher average temperature than its rural surroundings
The basketball team that has Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James (include the city)

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