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1-6 Jedi, turned Sith.
1-6Jedi master. Dies on the Death Star
4-7Farmhand, Jedi knight.
4-7Smuggler and pilot
4-7Princess of Alderaan. Later General of the resistance
1-7Protcol Droid
1-7Astromech Droid
1-6Dark lord of the Sith, leader of the Empire.
1-3, 5-6Supreme Jedi master.
1-3Queen of Naboo. Mother of the twins
5-6Hero of the rebellion, owner of Cloud City
7Mysterious force sensitive woman
7Storm trooper now turned Resistance fighter
 Small droid holding a very important map
7Resistance pilot and hero
1Jedi master who discovers the chosen one
Rogue OneMember of the rebel alliance responsible for stealing the Death Star plans
Rogue OneRebel alliance fighter and rogue One member
Rogue OneFormer Imperial Droid turned rebel alliance ally
1-3Jedi council master with a purple lightsaber
4, Rogue OneIn charge of the Death Star, responsible for Darth Vader
2-4Moisture farmer . Killed by the Empire
2-4Moisture farmer killed by theEmpire
4Rebel alliance leader responsible for the battle of Yavin
4-6Rebel pilot (Red 2).
4Best friend of LS. Pilot in the rebel alliance
4Rebel Pilot (Red 6). Killed in Death Star trenches
4Imperial officer choked by Vader
4Bounty hunter killed in the Mos Easley cantina
4, Rogue OneCantina patron wanted with the death penalty on 12 systems
4, Rogue OneHe doesn't like you.
4Imperial spy
1,4,6Tatooine gangster and palace owner
2, 5-6Mandalorian Bounty Hunter. Likes disintegrations. Dies in the Sarlaac Pit
5Cloud City assistant with robotic headgear
5Snow creature on Hoth
5Imperial leader for the assault on Hoth
5-6Imperial official promoted before the battle of Hoth
5Imperial officer choked to death after the escape of the millennium falcon. 'Apology accepted'
5Rebel general in charge of the Hoth rebel base
5Rebel gunner in Luke's Snowspeeder on Hoth
5Bounty hunter hired by the Empire , wears a headdress
5Reptilian bounty hunter hired by the Empire
5Assassin Droid bounty hunter hired by the Empire
5Droid bounty hunter hired by the Empire.
5Alien bounty hunter hired by the Empire
6Imperial officer on the second Death Star
1,6Aide to the Hutts.
6-7, Rebel leader during the Second Death Star battle. It's a trap!
6Rebel general on the Home One cruiser
6, Rogue OneRebel alliance leader and strategist.
6Ewok hero of the Battle of Endor.
6Twi'lek Dancer at the palace
6Singer with big lips. Performs Jedi rocks
6Leader of the Ewok village
6-7Rebel co pilot of the millennium falcon during the second Death Star battle
6Defender of the palace beast.
6Eats dancers on the daily
6Pet and buddy of the Hutt.
6Blue jazz musician
6Giant hole in the desert
6Tatooine dwelling gangster with bug like eyes
6Very cool jazz musician
1-2Mother of the chosen one. Prisoner of Tusken raiders
1-3Naboo politician. Aide to Queen Amidala
1Leads Queen Amidala's security team
1-3Gungan republic hero and temporary senator.
1Chancellor until a vote of no conifdence during the trade federation fiasco
1,3King of the Gungans
1-2Junk dealer on Tatooine. He only follows money
1First apprentice of Darth Sidious
1Villainous Pod racer
1Gungan captain
1-3Viceroy of the Trade Federation.
1-3Assistant to the Viceroy
1-3Communicator of the Viceroy
1-3Jedi of the republic. Member of the council. Killed during Order 66
1-3Aide of Palpatine. Horned assistant
1-3Blue politician on Coruscant
1-3Jedi of the republic. Member of the council. Killed during Order 66
1Pilot of Queen Amidala's chrome starfighter
1Decoy of Queen Amidala
1Silver protocol Droid
1Two headed podrace announcers
1Jedi master and member of the council. Has horned forehead
1Jedi master and member of the council. Female
1-3Horned Jedi master and council member. Killed by The Emperor.
1Long necked Jedi council member
1Big eared and scarred Jedi council member
1Female Jedi council member. Resembles another green master
1Female Bounty hunter
2-3Jedi turned Sith. Second apprentice of the Emperor. Darth Tyranus. Separatist leader.
2Bounty hunter who is the basis for the clone army
2-3, Rogue OnePolitician and ambassador for Alderaan
2Lives on Lars homestead. Loses legs fighting Tusken Raiders
2Changeling bounty hunter sent to kill Senator Amidala
2Aide of Senator Amidala
2Diner chef and ally to Jedi
2-3Protector of Senator Amidala. Has one eye
2Successor to Queen Amidala
2Prime minister of Kamino
2Guide on Kamino
2Jedi temple archive librarian
2Second decoy of Senator Amidala. Dies in explosion
2-3Green tentacled Jedi master. Killed by the Emperor
2-3Jedi master with horned head. Killed by the Emperor
2-3Female Jedi. Blue skin. Killed during Order 66
2-3Leader of the Geonosians. Separatist member
2-3Bald headed aide of the Chancellor
2Jedi padawan female. Green skin
2-3Jedi youngling killed at the Jedi temple
2-3Jedi knight with green skin . Female
2-3Horned female Jedi.
2-3Separatist banker
2-3Separatist of the technocratic union
2Scorpion like monster in the Geonosian arena
2Bull like monster in the Geonosian arena
2Tiger like monster in the Geonosian arena
3Representative of Utapau
3Clone commander sent to Utapau
3Rebel alliance captain and owner of the Tantive IV
3Cyborg leader of the Separatist army.
3Leader of the Wookiee army on Kashyyk
3Female Jedi killed during Order 66
7Fallen Jedi and First Order leader
7Wise alien woman
7Mysterious puppeteer of the First Order
7Military leader of the First Order
7Jakku villager with a rebel history
7First order Chrome Captain
7Junk dealer on Jakku
7Small scavenger on Jakku
7Resistance X Wing pilot
7Comes looking for Han to settle a debt.
7Member of Kanjiklub
7Admiral of the Resistance
7Female spy for the First Order
7Resistance official
7Resistance official
7First Order lieutenant
7Resistance physician
Rogue OneBlind force follower
Rogue OneSoldier and force believer
Rogue OneImperial leader overseeing construction of theDeath Star
Rogue OneExtremist rebel and veteran of the clone wars
Rogue OneDefector from the Empire and rebel soldier
Rogue OneDesigner of the Death Star
Rogue OneRebel general at Yavin 4
Rogue OneMon Calamari rebel

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