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2008Comedy Short - Several scenes from the Star Wars franchise are spoofed by Elliott Griffiths and Reece Prigg
2008Animation, Children's- A young boy is transformed into a Lego figure and meets Batman.
2008Animation. Children's- When the Lego world is in danger , a young boy must return to his destiny. But this time mum and dad are coming too
2008Animation, Comic book- Based on the 2005 movie, Bruce Wayne becomes a crime fighting hero as new threats arise in Gotham City
2009Animation, comic book- Batman must defeat Joker and Two Face among others
2009Action- A young man is captured and experimented on by Cobra, becoming Snake Eyes. He then gets caught in a war between two rival armies.
2009Action- Snake Eyes goes on a quest to find the Sea King while the war with Cobra rages on
2009Action Prequel- Before the war, the evil Cobra Commander rises to power as he becomes a global terror threat
2009Animation, Children's- Transported back to the Lego world again, Elliott brings his grandparents on the adventure of a lifetime
2010Horror- A young man purchases an old stately home but finds a dark horror hidden with. The undead killer who once roamed the grounds.
2010to2011Sci Fi Series- He has a sonic screwdriver and a Tardis. The recently regenerated doctor gains a new companion in servant Jamie Binks
2010Action- The origins of Snake Eyes are revealed as he is trained by the nefarious Dr Mindbender
2010Horror- 20 years before the first movie a young boy named Billy dies. But he comes back for blood
2010Sci Fi, Found Footage- Two men are sent to explore a mysterious planet called Neo. They uncover an alien plague
2010Action- When the mafia gun down his parents a man takes up a bloody revenge
2010Sci Fi, Action- Now alone on Neo, B Gun is engaged in a war with the entire alien race
2010Action- A young man steals from the Kingpin and finds himself part of a gang war
2010to2011Action, Horror Series- When a virus breaks out and the dead reclaim the world, three ordinary citizens join forces to uncover the scientist responsible
2010Horror- Markus convinces Jack to return to the house and confront the undead Billy, convinced that he has returned to kill again
2011Action- An elite army unit are sent to retake an army stronghold ruled by taliban
2011Action- Before joining the Squadron- Griffin and Jackson fight in Iraq among the Alpha Team before things go wrong
2011to2011Action, Horror series- Eddie Gark is now a world leader. As the president calls a meeting To deal with the zombie pandemic, the Safehouse is overrun and humanity's last hopes must take arms
2011Action- a one man army is ambushed by a terrorist known as The Don after his partner is killed in action
2011to2012Action series- In a London hotel- Mi5 agents Jack and Harry are sent in to investigate a secret ring of assassins
Year AnswerDescription
2012Action horror- Before the President called for his help- Eddie Gark is alone in Peru. Until a survivors army rescue him
2012Drama horror- Haunted by the death all around him, Eddie Gark seeks the help of a psychiatric professional as the two Bond during the zombie apocalypse
2012Found footage, horror- Two flat mates are haunted by a poltergeist as they begin to argue and bicker
2012Action- Framed for murder, Mi5 Jack Elliot returns to the hotel for answers
2012Action horror- In this feature length film Eddie Gark meets his destiny as he locates the eternity key, the secret to saving the world from the zombie threat
2012Action, comic book- Bruce Wayne takes up a new identity as he faces Scarecrow and The Joker
2012Action, horror- Zombies roam the city and a group of survivors are picked off one by one
2012Action, comic book- Dick Grayson is trained by the league of shadows and battles The Penguin as becomes a vigilante
2012Action, comic book- When Bane comes to Gotham, Batman is given a warning by the mysterious Azrael as he faces his toughest foe to date
2012Horror- A man finds a mythical figure in his photograph that begins to follow him. Tall white and faceless, the creature stalks and strikes
2012Sci Fi Action- When a spaceship crashes, the government uncover alien life and one man is tasked with revealing the greatest secret of all kind to humanity.
2012to2013Action Series- Sent to Berlin, an mi5 agent is caught up in a conspiracy involving moles and spies. Who can be trusted?
2012Action, Comic- Batman builds bridges with the police force when they team up to tackle Scarecrow
2012to2013Awards - the best are celebrated yearly
2013Action, comic- In the final chapter, Harvey Dent returns for revenge as Batman learns he must become more than just a living hero.
2013Drama- In this pilot for a cancelled series Dr Watson finds a severed hand in his apartment
2013When a Russian agent begins killing British spies, James Bond is sent to put an end to his kill list.
2013Comedy, documentary- Three stories intertwine as Mexican citizens form a plan to illegally cross the border
2013to2013Action drama series- A retired assassin is sought out by a new one to go on a quest for the lost piece, as the evil templars plot to take over
2013Comedy Drama- the story of Nelson Mandela and his time in prison on Robben Island
2013Comedy- Anchorman Bruce Nolan gains the powers of Christ
2013Comedy Documentary- French celeb Jacques Francis tells his story, from student to Star with numerous special guests
2013to2014Comedy Documentary Series- The daily lives of Griffithsfilm's managers are revealed by a Documentary crew as they scrape for ideas and argue

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