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Appearences VillainInfo
Iron Man Leader of the terrorist faction called The Ten Rings
Iron ManAssistant CEO of Stark Enterprises, secret weapons salesman to the Ten Rings
The Incredible Hulk, Captain America Civil WarArmy General, father of Betty Ross. Hunts down Bruce Banner. Later becomes Secretary of State and leader of the Sokovia Accords
The Incredible HulkElite soldier and enemy of Hulk. Test subject for a super soldier serum that turns him monstrous
Iron Man 2 Business rival of Tony Stark. Creator of the Hammer Drone.
Iron Man 2Son of disgraced creator Anton Vanko. Tries to kill Tony Stark at Monaco Grand Prix
ThorLeader of the Frost Giants- long time enemies of Asgard
ThorA metal guardian of Asgard that is sent to kill Thor in New Mexico. It's weapons are used to create a gun for Phil Coulson in The Avengers
Thor, The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World Adopted brother of Thor, the God of Mischief. Takes over Asgard then leads an assault on New York.
Captain America The First Avenger, Secret Hydra agent. Murders Dr Erskine and destroys the super soldier serum before committing suicide by cyanide pill
Captain America The First Avenger, Captain America The Winter Soldier, Agent CarterHydra scientist responsible for experimentation on Bucky Barnes. Later captured, secretly infiltrates Shield over seventy years before becoming a computer program that creates the deadly algorithm
Captain America The First AvengerLeader of Hydra, seeks the mystical Tesseract. Arch enemy of Captain America
The AvengersArmy of aliens that invade New York through a cosmic wormhole.
The Avengers, Guardians of the GalaxyAmbassador and assistant of the great Purple space villain.
The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers Age of UltronGiant purple space villain. Claims the infinity gauntlet and seeks the infinity stones. Father of Gamora and Nebula.
Iron Man 3 Terrorist, secretly an actor working for AIM.
Iron Man 3One of the Extremis subjects and muscle man for AIM. Dies fighting on Air Force One
Iron Man 3Tech genius, shunned by Tony Stark. Now leader of AIM and secretly leading the Mandarin.
Agents of Shield Cyborg enhanced assassin. Redeems himself by fighting against rogue inhumans alongside Shield
Agents of Shield Hydra agent and secret mentor to Agent Ward. At the fall of Shield- leads an assault on Coulson and crew.
Agents of Shield Shield agent turned Hydra spy. Becomes an alien parasite
Thor The Dark WorldBeast who works alongside the Dark Elves. Supposedly kills Loki on Svartalfheim
Appearences VillainInfo
Thor The Dark WorldLeader of the Dark Elves. Kills Frigga and seeks the infinity gem The Aether.
Captain America The Winter SoldierPirate who hijacks a Shield ship. Acrobatic terrorist who battles Captain America
Captain America The Winter Soldier, Captain America Civil WarBest friend of Steve Rogers brainwashed to become a Hydra assassin. Turns good during the Civil War event
Captain America The Winter Soldier, Captain America Civil WarShield agent, leader of STRIKE. Turns Hydra and is injured at the Triskelion. Battles the Avengers in Lagos and explodes
Captain America The Winter SoldierShield ambassador that tries to usurp Nick Fury on behalf of Hydra
Captain America The Winter Soldier, Avengers Age of Ultron Becomes leader of Hydra and creates Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.
Agent Carter Russian sleeper agent and assassin
Agent CarterTries to destroy the SSR, works with the soviets and creates Chemical weapons
Guardians of the Galaxy Kree dictator, seeks The Orb. Starts war with Xandar.
Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Daughter of Thanos. Part cyborg. Later joins the Guardians
Thor The Dark World, Guardians of the GalaxyProprietor of special galactic items including creatures and infinity stones
Agents of Shield Father of Daisy Johnson. Villain with split personality issues
Agents of Shield Leader of Hydra after Red Skull. Discovered the Inhumans.
Agents of ShieldMystical woman in the flower dress who becomes a spiky inhuman
Agents of ShieldMother of Daisy Johnson. Leader of the rogue Inhumans
Daredevil, Iron Fist Drug dealer in Hells Kitchen, member of The Hand
Daredevil Crime lord in Hells Kitchen, arch enemy of Daredevil
Daredevil Warrior of The Hand. Resurrected once
Avengers Age of Ultron Weapons dealer, stole vibranium from Wakanda.
Avengers Age of Ultron AI created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Goes rogue and tries to end humanity.
Ant ManMentored By Hank Pym. Turns evil and takes over the company.
Agent CarterHollywood star who becomes consumed by Dark Matter .
Appearences VillainInfo
Jessica Jones Army veteran, takes pills to remain strong
Jessica JonesHas the power of persuasion. Arch enemy of Jessica Jones
Agents of ShieldNew leader of Hydra who works with Hive.
Agents of ShieldInhuman beast who hunts other Inhumans
Daredevil Antihero. Out for revenge. Later helps Daredevil defeat The Hand.
Captain America Civil WarSokovian Soldier who manipulates the Avengers into a Civil War
Luke Cage Harlem gangster, crime lord who fights Luke Cage
Luke CageHarlem politician secretly working with the crime gangs
Luke CageHalf brother of Luke Cage. Creates a suit to fight him and uses Alien bullets.
Agents of ShieldWorks with Lash. Later joins Shield but secretly creates Aida the Life model decoy.
Agents of ShieldLife model decoy / AI that turns too sentient
Doctor Strange Sorcerer turned evil who uses dark magic.
Doctor Strange Being of evil, lord of dark magic
Iron Fist Father of Ward and Joy Meachum. Resurrected by The Hand. Evil corporate businessman
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2Golden leader of the Sovereign race
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2Mutineering member of the Ravagers
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2The living planet
Spider-Man : HomecomingEx Clean Up crew, Illegal arms dealer and flying villain
Spider-Man: HomecomingWeapons tech expert and designer of super villain technology.
Spider-Man : HomecomingWeapons salesman, uses Rumlow's shock gauntlets as a weapon.
Spider-Man : HomecomingWeapons salesman and accomplice. Second villain to use the shock gauntlet .

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