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Director of Fight ClubDirector of Se7en and Gone Girl
Writer of Fight ClubAlso wrote the screenplay
Year of release for Fight Club Also the year of The Matrix
Actor playing The NarratorAlso starred in American History X
Character who The Narrator starts Fight Club with?Also sells soap, maitre d's and projects movies
Played by....?Also starred in Mr and Mrs Smith
Name of the woman The Narrator bickers with then woosAlso a support group addict
Played by...?Also starred in Sweeney Todd and Harry Potter
Man whe Narrator meets at a support groupHas male breasts from hormone instability
Played by...?Famous rock singer
Member of Fight Club and Project MayhemPretty looking man
Played by...?Lead singer of 30 seconds to Mars
Term that describes the exaggerated male stereotypes seen in Fight Club
Term for two completely opposing things like Good and EvilTerm created by Levi Strauss. Can be applied to the two main characters of Fight Club
Type of stereotype widely accepted by society
Term describing sexual tension between members of the same sexHas been applied to the male characters of Fight Club
Term describing a shared anxiety about the Year 2000Seen throughout the late 90s it resulted in existentialism in films like Fight Club

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