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QUIZ: Can you name the A2 English Language- Child Language Theorists?

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Which 1973 theorist categorised the first words of children into 4 sections?
Name one of these 4 categories
Which theorist beleives we are born with the innate ability to acquire language (as a language acquisiton device)?
Which theorist believes in the behaviourist idea that we acquire language by imitating others and by being operantly conditioned?
Which theorist believes that we acquire basic adjectives like big and nice early on, but more spatial adjectives like narrow and wide are acquired later as specialist words?
Which theorist believes children learn by wanting to label things in the enviroment around them, thus asking questions like 'wassat' and learning labels?
What term refers to the phenomenon when a child realises that objects exist permanently and not just when they are in the child's view?
Which 1980 theorist looked at the first 75 words of 6 children and found that 33% of the words were overextended
Which theorist devised the 7 functions of children's language?
Name one of these 7 functions?
Which theorist carried out the wug test - proving overgeneralisation, in the 1950s?
Which theorist looked at input- how social interaction helps kids to learn (LASS)?
Which theorist looked at children in play and found that they role play as parents and use props as multi-purpose 'pivots'?
Which theorist looked at the stages of children's linguistics from labelling to networking?
Which two theorists found that parents teach politeness to children from an early age?

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