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Who was the first player for the Bulls that won the MVP award?
How many players have tot their numbers retired for the Bulls?
Who is the only Brazilian player in this years roster?
What country is Nikola Mirotic born in?
What team was Joffrey Lauvergne drafted by?
What number does Robin Lopez wear for the Bulls?
Who did the Bulls pick in the 2016 NBA Draft with the 14th pick
What college did Michael Carter-Wiliams attend?
What is Doug McDermotts full first name?
Who as got the most blocks in Bulls History?
What was Kirk Hinrich's average for points in the 2006/07 season?
True or False , Rasheed Wallace has played for the Bulls
True or False Spencer Dinwiddie has played for the Bulls?
How many games has LaMarcus Aldridge played for the Bulls
What year did Michael Jordan attend the North Carolina College?
Last question! Where was Brian Scalabrine born in California?

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