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Here I am standing on my own Not a motion from the telephone I know not a reason why Solitudes a reason to die
But this I ask, it's what I want to know How would you feel, if I should choose to go Another guy, you think it'd be unlikely
Why am I still hanging around, When I know it brings me down, I'm hating everything. And you are getting rides home in his car Making out on his front yard I'm hating everything.
He pauses shaving and he tells himself that he is the bomb She has her curlers set her credit cards are paying the funds He's not that old, I've been told a strong sexual goal He g
Sip a drink of the alcohol end up kneeling in bathroom stalls Eyes are red and my movements slow too high, got vertigo
And maybe I'll see you at a movie sneak preview You'll show up and walk by on the arm of that guy
I show up at 3am She's still up watching Vacation, and I See her pretty face It takes me away to a better place and
Remember when I was in the grocery store, now's my time Lost the words, lost the nerve, lost the girl, left the line
Cause I love your little motions You do with your pigtails What a nice creation Worth another night in jail
You're cold with disappointment While I'm drowning in the next room The last contagious victim of this plague between us I'm sick with apprehension
Look to the past And remember and smile. And maybe tonight I can breathe for awhile.

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