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QUIZ: Can you name the information about Cap's team in Civil War?

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Name the 6 members of the team, starting with... (full name)
His BFF...
Flying guy introduced in CATWS
Quicksilver's sister
Guy who can shrink and supersize
Retired guy good with arrows
What is Steve's mom's name, as mentioned by Bucky (only first name)
Who gives Falcon his suit?
Finish the line: 'I could do this...'
More finish the lines: 'Everyone's got a...'
'I didn't kill...'
'You locked...'
'Something just...'
'We haven't met...'
What is Cap's (Stark's) shield made of?
Name a family member of Wanda who doesn't appear in Civil War?
Name Antman's best friend in his movie that doesn't appear in this.
Bucky gets his hand cut off by:
What is the movie that Wanda appears first in?
Out of these four, who do you want to be in Cap's team? (Doctor Strange, Hulk, Quicksilver, Thor) (Type in pairs eg. Thor and Quicksilver)

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