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Can you name the Harry Potter characters by hints? (Only use first names)

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Male Death Eater
Female Death Eater
Savage Werewolf
The Dark Lord
Loyal Male Servant of above
Loyal Female Death Eater
Harry's Arch Rival at Hogwarts
Father of Arch Rival
Mother of Arch Rival
Cronie of Arch Rival
Cronie of Arch Rival
Bad Ministry Employee
Bad Ministry Employee
Ministry Employee who is a Death Eater
Imperiused Death Eater
Knight Bus Conductor
Knight Bus Driver
Three Broomsticks Owner
Auror; Order of the Phoenix
Brother of Harry's Godfather
Mother of Above
House Elf of Above
Another House Elf
Crouch Sr's House Elf
Hepzibah's House Elf
Owner of ______'s and Burkes
Potions Teacher in 1996
Ministry Employee and Judge in the Triwizard Tournament
Ministry Employee and Judge in the Triwizard Tournament
Son of Above
Ravenclaw Student
Stupid Gryffindor Quidditch Player
Minister of Magic in 1990
Minister of Magic in 1996
Barman of the Hog's Head
Sister of Above
Owns Robe Shop in Diagon Alley
Owns Wand Shop in Diagon Alley
Gryffindor Chaser
Gryffindor Chaser
Gryffindor Chaser
Gryffindor Keeper
1st Hogwarts Champion for the Triwizard Tournament
Three Headed Dog
Boar Hound
Half Giant
Hogwarts Headmaster
Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon
Father of 1st Hogwarts Champion for Tournament
Harry's Uncle
Harry's Aunt
Harry's Cousin
Harry's Cousin's Best Friend
Harry's Squib Neighbour
Landlord of the Leaky Cauldron
Caretaker of Hogwarts
Cat of Caretaker
Harry's Owl
Ron's Owl
Hermione's Cat
Neville's Toad
Weasley Family Owl
Percy's Owl
Transfiguration Teacher
Charms Teacher
Potions Teacher until 1996
Herbology Teacher
Divination Teacher
DADA Teacher Book 1
DADA Teacher Book 2
DADA Teacher Book 3
Muggle Studies Teacher
Wool's Orphanage Matron
Neville's Father
Neville's Mother
Neville's Grandmother
Bad Ministry Employee
Luna's Father
Harry's Father
Harry's Mother
Weasley Family Father
Weasley Family Mother
Death Eater in Tottenham Court Road Cafe
Death Eater in Tottenham Court Road Cafe
Mistress of Hokey
Stupid Hufflepuff Boy
Gryffindor Beater in Book 6
Gryffindor Beater in Book 6
Gryffindor Beater in Book 5
Gryffindor Beater in Book 5
The Sneak Ravenclaw
Gryffindor Chaser in Book 6
Slytherin Chaser in Book 5 who the Weasley Twins pushed into the Vanishing Cabinet
Patil Twin in Gryffindor
Patil Twin in Ravenclaw
Best Friend of Patil Twin in Gryffindor
Order of the Phoenix; Metamorphmagus
Order of the Phoenix
Order of the Phoenix
Order of the Phoenix
Order of the Phoenix
Order of the Phoenix;Dumbledore's Hogwarts Friend
Dark Wizard from Durmstrang
Aunt of Molly; Believes Everything Rita Skeeter Says
Molly's Brother
Molly's Brother
Another Wand Maker
Nagini put on her Skin
Voldemort's Snake
Harry's Godfather
Harry's Godson
Child of Harry and Ginny
Child of Harry and Ginny
Child of Harry and Ginny
Child of Ron and Hermione
Child of Ron and Hermione
Astronomy Teacher
Arithmancy Teacher
Ancient Runes Teacher
Gryffindor House Ghost
Slytherin House Ghost
Ravenclaw House Ghost
Hufflepuff House Ghost
Hogwarts Founder
Hogwarts Founder
Hogwarts Founder
Hogwarts Founder
Hat Which Picks the Houses for Students
Magical Creature which Petrifies People
Magical Creature which is afraid of the Patronus Charm
Main Protagonist
Knows Everything
Weasley Twins
Weasley Girl
Ministry Weasley
Gringotts Weasley
Half Veela
Sister of Above
Dragons Weasley
History of Magic Ghost Teacher
Joke Making Poltergeist
Ghost in the Toilets
Beauxbatons Headmistress
Durmstrang Headmaster
Hogwarts Nurse
Hogwarts Librarian
Order of the Phoenix;Thief
Former Hogwarts Headmaster; A Black
Slytherin Captain 1-3 Books
Hufflepuff Boy
Hufflepuff Boy
Hufflepuff Girl
Hufflepuff Girl
Gryffindor Boy
Gryffindor Boy
Death Eater; Killed Fred
Current Minister of Magic
Mother of Hufflepuff Girl (2)
Executioner of Buckbeak
Grandfather of Voldemort
Mother of Voldemort
Uncle of Voldemort
Father of Voldemort
Ravenclaw Boy
Ravenclaw Boy
Ravenclaw Boy
Percy's Girlfriend
Draco's Girlfriend
Draco's Wife
Sister of Above
Draco's Child
Percy's Wife
Camera Boy
Brother of Above
Friend of Fred and George
Another Gryffindor Boy
Ministry Employee
Ministry Employee
Wife of Above
Lady in the Leaky Cauldron when Harry first goes there
Muggle Gardener
Ministry Employee whom Voldemort killed
Nymphadora's Father
Nymphadora's Mother
Muggle Born man who went on the run
Captain of the Holyhead Harpies
Bellatrix's Husband
Bellatrix's Brother in law
Slytherin Girl who Hermione duelled in the Duelling Club
Slytherin Boy in the Half Blood Prince
Dumbledore's Father
Dumbledore's Mother
Snape's Father
Snape's Mother
Daily Prophet Reporter; Writes untrue things

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