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Can you name the Obscure Batman villains?

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Real NameVillain Name
Julian Day
Jake Baker
Joseph Rigger/Harlan Combs
Philip Reardon
Phil Cobb
Charles Brown
Joe Coyne
Grace Balin
Lawrence Loman/Clement Carp
Warren White
Gregor Dosynski
Val Kaliban
Abner Krill
Margaret Pye
Lyle Bolton
Nathan Finch
Real NameVillain Name
Alberto Falcone
Humphrey Dumpler
Linda Fritawa
Otis Flannegan
Burt Weston
Klaus Kristin
Lenny Fiasco
Dr. Simon Ecks
Dr. Karl Hellfern
Alexander Sartorius
Paul Dekker
Aaron Helzinger
Arnold Etchison
Delbert Billings/Keith Sherwood
Karl Courtney

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Tags:Batman, obscure, villains

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