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A. The Byzantine emperor during the First Crusade?
B. The Ottoman Sultan nicknamed the 'the thunderbolt'?
C.The first battle fought by Edward III which proved the superiority of the longbow to the knight?
D. The Emperor who split the Roman empire into two halves?
E.The WWII battle in Africa that forced Rommel to retreat
F.The war between Prussia and the Second French Empire in 1870
GAlexander the Great's final victory against Darius III
H.The Carthagininian who defeated Rome at Cannae
I.Which peninsula was contested during the Peninsular War?
J. The Middle Eastern kingdom conquered by emperor Titus
K.The site of which Moscow political building has been inhabited since the 2nd century BC?
L. A form of Christianity founded by Martin Luther in protest to Catholic wealth
M.The base of the Knights of St John until 1815
N.Which Kingdom was contested between England and France in the Hundred Years war?
O.Which 19th century wars were caused by Britain smuggling a certain drug into China
P.The war between Athens and Sparta 431BC to 404BC
Q.The alliance formed by Ausria, Britain, Russia and Prussia after the Napoleonic wars
R.Frederick the Great's most decisive victory in the Seven Years War
S.The Muslim commander in the Third Crusade
T.The city besieged by Agamemnon and the Greeks
U.The attacks of this craft endangered British supply lines in WWII and WWII
V.Which Germanic tribe sacked Rome under Genseric in AD 455?
W.Of which Anglo-Saxon kingdom was Alfred the Great king?
X.The Greek writer who led the Ten Thousand in their escape from Persia
Y.The 1781 siege of which town was the last major land battle of the American War of Independence?
ZOne of the main contenders for leadership of the USSR after Lenin's death?

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