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Can you name the name the great britons by their acheivements

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AcheivementGreat Briton
Defended Wessex from the Danes
The Norman who conquered England
The Archbishop who reorganised Britain after the Norman conquest
Nicknamed the 'Lawyer King' for his reorganisation of the legal system
The Archbishop who defended the Church against royal reforms
The king who led the Third Crusade
The king who reformed the administrative system and fought a successfull war against Scotland
Defeated the English armies at Stirling bridge
Defeated the English at Bannockburn
Won the battles of Crecy and Sluys against the French
Won the battle of Agincourt
Seized the throne after the battle of Bosworth
Had six wives and caused Britain to break with Rome
Henry the eighth's most important minister
Queen during the Spanish Armada and setteld the religious divisions by forming the Anglican church
Naval captain who let fire ships into Cadiz
A poet and naval adventurer who tried to found a colony in the New World
Elizabeth's most important minister
Commander of Royalist forces during the English civil war
Lord Protector of England
AcheivementGreat Briton
Won the battle of Blenheim
The first British Prime Minister
Political leader during the Seven Years War
The man who seized Quebec
The man who put India under British dominion
The prime minister who led Britain during the Napoleonic wars
Reformed the British army and won the battle of Corunna
Victor of the Peninsular War
Victor of Trafalgar and the Nile
instrumental in the peace settlement after the Napoleonic wars
Repealed the Corn Laws
Interventionist Prime Minister who conducted a successful foreign policy
A great reformer who was premier of Britain no less than four times
Passed the 1867 parliamentary reform act
Famous for his war in the Sudan
Social reformer who led Britain during the 'Great War'
Reformed the Navy before WW1 and led Britain during WW2
Victor of El Alamein
Reformed the British economy after the 'Winter of Discontent'

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