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Who is currently recognised as being the oldest WWE Champion?
Who was revealed to be the assailant that ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin?
Hulk Hogan has only lost by submission once during his accumulative duration with WWE, who made him tap out?
What was the name of the tag team, consisting of Bart Gunn and Bob Holly that was briefly managed by Jim Cornette in1998?
Which wrestler holds the record for most Royal Rumble eliminations in a single match?
In the early 1990's, the Ultimate Warrior was 'cursed' by a wrestler and began vomiting strange colours, what was the name of the wrestler who cursed him?
The Undertaker debuted at the 1990 Survivor Series PPV, but who was his manager?
At one of the earliest Wrestlemania PPV's, WWE promoted a match featuring wrestlers and members of which other sport?
Who was the very first inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame?
John Cena once wrestled under a very different gimmick during his developmental days, under what name did he perform?
The 'Hells Gate' submission manuever that the Undertaker utilises is based upon a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu hold, what is the name of that hold?
Which wrestler has held the Intercontinental Championship more times than any other?
At which venue was the very first Wrestlemania held?
As of 2012, how many former WWE Champions have been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
Who was Triple H's valet at Wrestlemania XII?
What was the name of the stable that included the likes of King Kong Bundy, Rick Rude, Andre The Giant and Harley Race?
At Wrestlemania XXVIII, Sheamus became the first Royal Rumble winner in 5 years to successfully win the title at Wrestlemania, who was the last person to do so?
Which early 1990's WWE backstage interviewer made a special appearance at Raw 1000?
In 2011, The Big Show became the only wrestler to hold the WWE title, the ECW title, the World Heavyweight title and the...?
Throughout his career, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper has been billed from where?
What was the name of the super-stable ran by Shane and Stephanie McMahon in 2001?
Who is the most decorated champion in WWE history?
What nickname has been given to the period of time from 1984 - 1993 in WWE?
What move, thought impossible at the time did Hulk Hogan perform on Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania III?
What was the name of the WWE's parent company from 1982-1999?

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