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Can you name the Characters in Super Mario??

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Main Star
The One Being Saved
Her Majesty's Assistant
Helping Hand
Loves Bananas
Has His Own Kart Game
Appeared In Early Days Mario Games
The Assistants Partner
The Main Villians Son
The Main Villian
The Main Villian's small soilders
Hates Being Jumped on And Thrown
Flying Red Shell?
Haunted House is His Home
Ghost That Walks in Clothes?
Flying Ghost With Clothes?
Future Hero
First Appeared in Mario Kart Double Dash
First Appeared in Mario Kart Wii
Lil Future Princess
Throws His Hammers Around
Dont Get Crushed By Him!
Looks After The Galaxies
A Nintendo Robot
Funky Monkey
Created Fludd
One Of The Koopalings
One Of The Koopalings
One Of The Koopalings
One Of The Koopalings
One Of The Koopalings
One Of The Koopalings
One Of The Koopalings
Boss appears in Super Mario Bros 2.
Pink Dinosaur
She is held captive by Donkey Kong
Longtime steward for the Princess
The Main Villians Back From The Dead
Made From Bones
What The Enemies Fire
A Big Attacking Plant

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