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Good DescriptionCharacter/s
lives in a pineapple yellow square
pink lives under a rock shaped as a star
lives in a tree dome squirrl
lives in an easter island head
lives in an anchor owns krusty krab
lives with spongebob as the pet
lives in chum bucket want secret formula
spongebob's boating instructor
mr. krab's daughter whale
computer wife
spongbob and patricks favorite superhero
sidekick of the superhero
ghost that haunts bikini bottom
works out alot would be delicious with butter
blue (unibrow) rival of squidward
Good DescriptionCharacter/s
evil villian
evil villian that floats
fish on tv does the news reports
spongebobs cousin that got out of jail tiny
spongbobs tall cousin that cant do anything right
patricks real mother
ormer manager of the Krabby O' Mondays.
a Krusty Krab customer whose wallet was once stolen by Squidward.
popular boy band consisting of three teenage fish
leader of the Jellyspotters club spongebob wants to join
a former Krusty Krab frycook is now rich
Squidward's snail pet
crude drawing of SpongeBob that came to life

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