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optic blasts
healing factor, retractable claws
telekinesis, telephathy, cosmic force
teleportation through brimstone realm, demon-like appearance, camouflage in shadows
organic metal plate skin
phasing, technological disruption
kinetic charging of inorganic objects causing explosion, charm
absorption of powers and memories through touch
organic ice formation, organic ice transformation
agility, strength, animalistic mutation
weather control
telepathy, telekinesis, psionic weapons, formerly could travel through shadows
telekinesis, limited cosmic force, psychokinesis, flight
plasma wave concussive blasts
thermochemical blast field creating propulsion
wings, flight, metal wing transformation
invulnerability due to enchanted gem, superhuman strength
telekinesis, psionic force blasts, techno organic symbiote
plasmetic solar-flare projections, flight, fire causes intense hunger
energy absorption and redirection, cybernetic arm
vocal chords generate sonic energy concussive force and flight
exhalation of fire, flight, alien resembling a dragon
vast telepathic abilities, most powerful mind on the planet
complete mastery over electromagnetic force
telepathy, diamond skin
transforms sonic vibrations into photonic energy blasts
speed, agility, and reflexes, luck
conduct magnetic energy
healing factor, razor sharp claws, durability, strength and reflexes
pyrotechnic projection in the form of fireworks, depowered, vampire
transitional body morphing ability that alters body structure
implantation of multi-sensory illusions
generates psi-plasma weapons, especially bow and arrows, depowered, Asgardian valkyrie
telepathy, psi-blades, empathy powers
pheremone control, snake skin
superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes, enhanced tracking abilities
superhuman stength, speed, and reflexes, heightened senses, self-propelled flight
manipulation of electromagentism, clone of Magneto
metamorphic shapeshifter, limited telepathy
microscopic star as brain, limited control of electromagnetism
microscopic black hole as brain
manifestation of digestive system in the form of twin slugs
translucent psioplasmic bio-field generation
hypergeneration of bones used as weapons, depowered
focused pyrotechnic beams and plasma field generation
superhuman speed, endurance, reflexes, and perceptual abilities
ability to scan and receive information from throughout the Omniverse
mimics the natural strength, intelligence, and superpowers of those around him
mechanical energy perceptions and genius allowing mechanical brilliance
enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes, night vision, retractable finger claws, skunk tail, alien Mephitisoid
reactive adaptation ability
energy manipulation powers that create light, heat, force, flight, and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space
geomorph able to levitate, shift, and manipulate earth and rock
temporal abilities let her slow or stop time and create phantom visions of the past
superhuman speed and flight, photonic discharges while in contact with twin sister
bio-morphing adaptability, metallic armor, Shi'ar royal heritage
generates a funnel of trans-spatial energy through which to 'surf' through, teleporting across vast distances
psionic exo-armor that generates superhuman strength and durability
vaporized chest cavity filled with a fluctuating energy field that he manipulates with psionic biokinesis
prime sentinel omega nano-tech and cybernetics
hybrid possessing superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, vision, hearing, and durability, amphibious, radar sense, communicate with sealife, winged feet
trans-realm clairvoyance enables him to view other times, dimensions, and physical planes, teleportation portals can transport him anywhere he's seen, formerly thought to be mute
animalistic mutation, heightened strength and agility, alternate universe version of Beast
bio-mechanical entity capable of self-repair, elaborate body reconfiguration for new shapes, weapons and devices, advanced tactical analysis and counter-maneuvers
excess lifeforce heightens her agility, reflexes, and radiates as living light to illuminate, project positive empathic waves, purge others of poison or drugs
Darkforce connection enables him to manipulate his cloak and open it into an ebony void, allowing levitation, intangibility and teleportation
tap the Phoenix Force that empowers her consciousness to manifest telepathy, psychokinesis, and transmutation powers that draw forth the physical and mental evils of others, clone
spiritually possessing the body of a Dire Wraith, able to tap and manipulate the physical substance of the Darkforce Dimension
diminuitive size, telepathic communication
possession talent enables her to override the thought processes of others, allowing her to manipulate their bodies as an extension of her own will
genetic lycanthrope able to metamorphose into a fully/partial lupine form
absorb sunlight and metabolize it into bio-energy that permeates body to increase his strength, endurance, and resilience
geothermal power to assume an energized state that gives off intense heat, enabling the ignition of flames, manipulate the planet’s tectonic plates
able to command the stepping disks native to Limbo, opening portals that use that dimension as a stepping stone between different points in time and space/ sorceress
psionically produces an intuitive translation and deciphers the syntax and meaning of any language he is exposed to
bio-mechanical body can be reconstructed into any organic or technological shape he can imagine, as well as energy generators, sensor equipment, and to increase his physical size
basic animal evolved into a humanoid possessing greater-than-human strength, stamina and reflexes, a hollow bone structure, large feathered wings allowing for flight
pyrokinesis allows ignition of oxygen molecules to start fires anywhere in his line-of-sight, and focus concentrated jet streams of pyroplasmic from his fists
generates a deflection field around herself and others that disperses kinetic impact, reflects energy assaults off itself, and negates friction in order to glide across surfaces
generate 'time bombs,' spheres of transitory solid energy that detonate on a delayed time cycle
generates waves of vibration out from body to cause any nearby objects to shake, crumble, shatter or disintegrate, destabilize the ground to cause earth tremors, depowered
psionically track other mutants, superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reflexes and durability, clawed fingernails
manifest holographic pictograms representing the visual thoughts and memories of self and others,depowered
generates a suppressant field, disrupting and negating the superhuman powers of others
multiple personalities grant various metahuman abilities based on which is in control, including superhuman strength, speed, x-ray vision, telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, etc.
initiates random telekinetic acts that cause probabilities to fall into place of benefit, can also consciously nudge specific probabilities to occur at will
heightened strength, speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes, hyper-keen senses, prehensile tail, razor sharp claws, depowered
superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and senses, personal regeneration, convert sonic frequencies into a vibratory shockwave channeled through swords and weapons
teleporter, among first villains to ever fight X-Men, late X-Force member
genetically-engineered strength, speed, agility, endurance and reflexes, nano-active blood, misdirection power, external nervous system E.V.A
augmented strength, speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes, regeneration factor, cursed immortality, ninja, experimented on by Weapon Plus program
emit various sonic frequencies by altering the sounds sent through vocal chords, allowing flight, send others into a trance using voice frequencies
superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, invulnerability and intelligence, night vision, hearing, telepathy, flight
create exact physical duplicates of himself upon contact with any amount of kinetic energy
superhuman strength, endurance, and durability, convert kinetic energy into temporary increases in his strength
human liaison to the Commission on Superhuman Activities and ONE
augmented strength, speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes, razor sharp teeth and claws
living symbol of Great Britain, possessing superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, invulnerability, and flight, which fluctuate with his emotions
superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and durability, levitation, elemental shapeshifting power allows her to change her shape to match her thoughts or surroundings
manipulate his physical dimensions, allowing him to shrink and expand his size, mass, density and certain physical features
generate thermokinetic energy as hot knives or in circular patterns to shield self from incoming projectiles by incinerating them
generate malleable crimson energy fields of coherent light force that obey her will, allowing her to fly, fire concussive blasts, and generate solid energy constructs
retain any sounds he hears within his genetic memory, them replicate by modifying the sounds produced by his vocal chords, twin mystical Zz'ria blades that disperse magic
magical heritage enables him to levitate, communicate with spirits, focus mystical energy shields and blasts, cast illusions, and wield elemental forces
human, only homo-sapien infected by Legacy Virus
thermal transference power allows generate intense heat or cold while creating an equal and opposite temperature change nearby
mutant power manipulation, able to access other mutant abilities for herself and trigger latent mutations in others, possible association with sentient cosmic force
living crystal form specially adapted for trans-sonic flight and ultra-manueverability in the air
mass-generating power allows production of enormous amounts of bio-mechanical growth from body, creating anything from simple shapes to technological systems
relativistic time manipulation gives him the appearance of moving at superhuman speeds
feral mutation gives him enhanced strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, senses and recuperative powers, instinctive animalistic mind giving him lack of reason
lizard-like mutation gives him green skin, enhanced agility, an elastic tongue, a spikey skullcap, hyper-regenerative abilities, wall-crawling powers, superhumanly strong right arm
fairie-like mutation gives the ability to excrete “pixie dust” that causes hallucinations in other people and rainbow-colored wings enabling flight, black magic
psychic entity with 'golem' ability, enabling him to construct animated rock bodies for himself, with superhuman strength, endurance, resistance to physical injury
explode her body into large amounts of high-velocity silicon particles, then reconstitute herself back into human form
manipulate and rearrange organic molecules in order to heal himself and others or induce a biological infestation that kills, golden skin
telekinesis, missing hands
exists as a solid, mercurial substance that can discard her human shape and morph into a liquid form
siphon electricity from her environment and channel it into bursts of superhuman speed and electrostatic discharges, wears stabilizer gauntlets that modulate her energies
enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes, hyper-keen senses, healing factor, adamantium retractable hand and toe claws, genetic duplicate of Wolverine
nocturnal-based strength, agility and vision, possible ancestor of Professor Xavier's bloodline, had trist with Anole
invisibility, intangibility, psionic defenses
depowered mutant who still retains all the skills and knowledge of other people that his former psychomimetic power ever acquired for him
'extreme strength' power enables him to manifest ever-increasing levels of strength and muscle mass at will, vibranium tattoos partially dampen and modulate his powers
crystallized rock body endows her with increased strength, durability and the ability to blast off small portions of rock from her skin
blind psychic possessing telepathic, clairvoyant and precognitive powers
bird-like mutation that gave him heightened agility, a beaked nose, finger talons, and wings that folded up along his arms and allowed limited flight.
possessed an insect mutation giving her the ability to spew acidic goo from her throat cavity and membrane wings that allowed her to fly or generate ultrasonic harmonics
mutated form has his skeleton and internal organs floating in bio-paraffin, a form of living wax that increases his strength, speed, and resilience
fires a strobe pulse from his single eye that immobilizes his opponents
uneven granite body gives him superhuman strength and resistance to physical injury
exists in a gaseous state, contains himself in a specially-designed suit
diminuitive and progressively aged body houses superhuman strength
reduced to a telepathic brain in a bottle, capable of influencing and manipulating the minds of others
Cheyaraphim bloodline gives him feathered wings allowing him to fly, a regenerative factor in his blood, and a voice simulate a multitude of singers at once
retractable exoskeleton of bio-armor increases his resistance to physical injury
molecular distortion power allows her to disintegrate objects on contact and 'swim' through solid matter, deconstructing the material as she passes through it
advanced cognitive and telepathic abilities enable him to organize and construct his thoughts at accelerated rates, overtly or covertly manipulate the minds of others
pyrokinetic capable of projecting flames from his body and constantly lit with a glow of pyroplasmic energy
release pheromones from her skin that alter the behavior of people around her
death touch quickly reduces organic matter to a decrepit state, and ultimately to ash
porcupine-like spikes grow out from his and in place of hair and can be fired as high-speed projectiles
Can manipulate wind to fly, create high-velocity air currents, razor-sharp winds, induce vertigo in others, and draw sounds to her from far away or create zones of silence
aquatic mutation gives him facial fins, deep-sea vision, and allows him to breathe underwater
three telepathic sisters able to merge their psychic power into a 'supermind' that amplifies their own energy levels
psychic effect enables him to overwhelmingly compel people to run towards or away from specific target he focuses on, now depowered
psi-caster able to project her consciousness into an energy state that can travel distances outside her body, avoid physical injury, and produce a disruptive surge of energy
lupine, heightened strength, speed, agility, and reflexes, hyper-keen senses, razor sharp claws
communication with technology, psionically restructure metal, plastic, and glass, living metal armor enhances his strength, reflexes and durability
chemically slowed aging process, enhanced vision, carries hypo guns that fire needles filled with narcotics, sedatives, or truth serum
human, worked closely with the 'mutant cure', member of X-Club
possesses three to six feet of extra skin on all parts of his body, which responds to his thoughts so that he can bend, stretch and reshape at will
synchronize his mutagenic aura, allowing him to duplicate mutant powers, metabolize bio-energy signatures, and both sense and track mutants
absorb organic or inorganic matter into his body and assimilate its mass and properties into his own molecular structure until the object is later divested completely from system
absorb negative emotion and energies from her environment, internalizing them in order to atrophy her physical body into a razor sharp and diamond hard state
heightened strength, stamina, and steel-hard skin that makes her resistant to physical injury and temperature extremes, former Acolyte of Magneto
physical form made of morphing protoplasm, which acts to counteract any force or mutant ability directed at it, can expand his mass and strength, and can be fired as biomatter
superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes, and resistance to injury, generate seismic energies around her hands that cause shockwaves and earth tremors
generate raw seismic energy from his fingertips to disintegrate any form of inorganic matter or cause the earth to ripple and flow on his commands
generate a perpetual bio-aura that shields her from physical harm and supports additional weight to enhance her strength
generate bioelectricity into stinger blasts or pyrotechnic displays, backpack equipped with wings
elephantine strength and endurance, invulnerable outer hide, ivory tusks, intense stomach acids
technoforming power, metallic weaponry battle armor
reduced to a flaming skeleton by organic flame abilities, allowing him to radiate intense heat, fly, and discharges explosive plasma
sense emotional states and desires from other sentient beings, manipulate the emotions of others
x-ray and telescopic vision, discharge explosive energy beams from his eyes
absorb ambient and focused energies into his cells, where he metabolizes the energy into electrical blasts from his left eye
protoplasmic body can be rendered amorphous, letting him flow around his victims, disabling brain functions and paralysing their bodies while he forms into a transparent resin
superhuman strength, agility and leaping, pores secrete a mucus resin that adheres to and paralyzes the nervous systems of whatever it touches

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