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Can you name the characters who may or may not be dead?

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Are they dead...Character...or alive?
Being poisoned isn't good for your health, and when your skull is presented to a prince, things are looking grim......But that ex-maester is one kooky guy. And who is the mysterious new member of the Kingsguard...?
Left to die a painful death, this character's future looked short and bleak......But oh, the ambiguity! Maybe it isn't time to start digging his grave quite yet...
A very rude man wrote a very rude letter that told of this character's untimely death in battle......It's only a letter, though, clearly meant to agitate its reader. Can you really believe anything written by a beast in man's skin?
After having their throat slit and their corpse tossed in the river, things really started to stink for this character......until they were resurrected by a roving troop of outlaws! But even if the body has come back to life, it seems like someone's replaced a mother's heart with stone...
A baby doesn't stand a chance against the fist of the largest man in Westeros......but was that baby the right baby at all? Or is this blue-haired teenager the real deal?
Getting stabbed by your brothers has to suck, especially without a maester around......But that priestess saw some interesting things in her flames. Are this character's ghost and this character's Ghost one and the same?
This character has been M.I.A. for a long time, and things can get pretty bleak north of the Wall......but the Cold(hands?) never bothered him anyway.
Generally, being a prologue or epilogue POV character is a dangerous venture. Like most, this character's chapter ended with an apparent death......but when they reappear later in the book, it makes you the character alive, or just their face?
This old crow was sent beyond the Wall, and the red witch prophesied he'd never return......We'll just have to wait for the next book to come out, won't we?
This highborn Westerman set out in search of a sword and was never seen again......But is this beloved uncle dead, or just taking his time?

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