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Forced Order
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Which region did House Manderly come from before being exiled to the North?
This castle consists of two towers strategically placed on opposite sides of a river.
What is the largest city in the North?
As of 'A Game of Thrones', what was the westernmost occupied fortress along the Wall?
In which Essosi city are shadowbinders trained?
What ancient castle was considered impenetrable...before it was partially demolished by dragons?
What city is famous for its eccentric fashions, in particular, dying one's hair unnatural colors?
This impoverished district of King's Landing is the birthplace of several knights, including Duncan the Tall, Davos Seaworth, and Gendry.
What is the ancestral home of House Tarth?
Where did Florian the Fool first see Jonquil?
Where in King's Landing is Eddard Stark executed?
What castle along the Kingsroad did Robert's party occupy when searching for Arya and Mycah in 'A Game of Thrones'?
What northern island is allegedly home to cannibals?
In which Westerosi city do maesters forge their chains?
What structure guards the city of Braavos?
What is the ancestral home of House Corbray?
Which of the Seven Kingdoms successfully resisted the Andal Invasion?
Where is the ranging party at the beginning of 'A Storm of Swords' when they're attacked by Others?
Where do the Ironborn hold their kingsmoot?
Which of the Free Cities was founded by former slaves?
Storm's End is located on the coast of what body of water?
What volcanic island in Blackwater Bay was once home to Aegon the Conqueror?
What fortress did the infamous Night's King declare as his own?
What is the ancestral home of House Umber?
Where does Daenerys settle as queen in 'A Storm of Swords'?
What is the lordless land just south of the Wall which pays tithes to the Night's Watch called?
From what doomed empire did the Targaryens flee when they first came to Westeros?
Where is the Drowned God primarily worshiped?
What is the ancestral home of House Dayne?
Which of the Seven Kingdoms was not conquered by Aegon I and his sisters?
What Targaryen castle burned down under mysterious circumstances?
This structure was said to be occupied by the Children of the Forest during their war with the First Men.
What castle is nearly impenetrable thanks to its position high in the mountains?
What forest lies just north of the Wall?
What is the ancestral home of House Massey?
What is the ancestral home of House Bracken?
Where do the 'Dosh Khaleen' reside?
What is the ancestral home of House Botley?
In which Essosi city is it fashionable for women to bare one breast?
What is the ancestral home of House Florent?

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