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Forced Order
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The heir to the Twins, as of 'A Dance with Dragons.'
What does Septon Meribald call his canine companion?
Master of Ships and Grand Admiral called the Bastard of Driftmark, he absconded with the royal fleet.
An aging bachelor and renowned knight who escaped the seige of Riverrun.
Who is known for his love of reading and scholarly pursuits, an unusual interest among his native culture?
He became the maester at Dragonstone following Cressen's death.
Who is said to have 'a thousand eyes, and one'?
A legitimized bastard of Aegon IV, he questioned the Targaryen line of succession and began a rebellion.
The youngest 'Great Bastard,' she was said to possess unsurpassed beauty, with mismatched blue and green eyes.
Eldest living daughter of Maege, she's charged with guarding Asha on the journey from Deepwood Motte.
This man claims to have thrown a dragon egg into the sea in a fit of rage.
Who counselled Dany prior to her entering the House of the Undying?
Sister-in-law to Roose Bolton, she holds a grudge against the Starks.
This 'fool' of Westerosi folklore won over a beautiful lady.
According to Qhorin Halfhand, if anyone can survive alone in Skirling Pass, it's this ranger of the Watch.
What nickname does Lommy give the 'crying girl' who accompanied Arya and the boys after Yoren's death?
Formerly awarded acolytes their links for ravenry; now senile, tended to by the novice Pate.
Younger brother to Balon, he died in adolescence from an infection after playing the finger dance.
A mysterious character bound North of the Wall by magic.
By following (and later accompanying) Brienne, who does Podrick Payne ultimately hope to find?
Which son of Davos is a squire to King Stannis?
Who is the current lord of Starfall?
Who is blamed for Lysa's death?
This man was put on Arya's 'list' for stealing Needle.
Though they cannot marry, he's Asha's favorite lover.
This former pitfighter let each of his opponents cut him once before killing them.
Rude and unambitious, this Tyrell at the Citadel makes up nicknames for everyone.
Winner of the archery competition at the Hand's Tourney; later joins the Brotherhood without Banners.
What Lannister disappeared on a quest to find the Valyrian steel sword Brightroar?
A recent addition to the Kingsguard, he is currently in Dorne hunting down Darkstar.
Unknown to Arya, she was betrothed to this boy prior to Robb breaking off his betrothal pact with the Freys.
Who is the first character to be killed in the series?
Kennelmaster at Winterfell, he was executed by Theon Greyjoy.
Nephew of Tywin who went missing in the bread riots of King's Landing.
A widow who is kidnapped by Ramsay Snow and forced to marry him, and subsequently starves.
Which legendary King Beyond-the-Wall is said to have bedded a Stark king's daughter?
A disinherited Ironborn lordling, infatuated with Asha Greyjoy.
Red-haired Stormlands knight who was briefly betrothed to Brienne of Tarth.
Who is the fair-haired, glib companion of Quentyn Martell?
Granddaughter of Wyman Manderly who advises her grandfather to broker a deal with Davos Seaworth.
Master-at-arms at the Red Keep who fled Dragonstone with young Viserys and Daenerys.
Oberyn's squire and Arianne's first lover.
To whom was Beric Dondarrion betrothed?
Who is 'Renly's ghost' during the Battle of Blackwater?
This Ironborn was once known for his ability to urinate long and hard; he even named his ship the Golden Storm.
How were Maester Aemon and Aegon V Targaryen related?
Which is the only black direwolf in the Stark children's litter?
Hapless novice at the Citadel who shares a name with a 'pig boy' of many tales.
Which of Mace Tyrell's bannermen is widely considered the greatest commander in the Reach?
A psychotic jester with the Brave Companions, he sings a song about weasel soup.

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