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These 'A Song of Ice and Fire' characters are in disguise! Can you tell their true identities by their aliases?

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AliasTrue NameLargely Featured In...
Alayne StoneA Feast for Crows
Cat of the CanalsA Feast for Crows
FrogA Dance with Dragons
Arstan WhitebeardA Clash of Kings/A Storm of Swords
EsgredA Clash of Kings
Arya StarkA Dance with Dragons
ReekA Clash of Kings
ReekA Dance with Dragons
NanA Clash of Kings
GriffA Dance with Dragons
Young Griff (allegedly)A Dance with Dragons
WeaselA Clash of Kings
AliasTrue NameLargely Featured In...
Mance RayderA Dance with Dragons
GerroldA Dance with Dragons
YolloA Dance with Dragons
Abel the BardA Dance with Dragons
Alleras the SphinxA Feast for Crows
Blind BethA Dance with Dragons
SaltyA Feast for Crows
Hugor HillA Dance with Dragons
RugenA Storm of Swords
RattleshirtA Dance with Dragons
Ser GreengutsA Dance with Dragons

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