Literature Quiz / ASOIAF: Have they been there?

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Has the character on the left been to the place on the right? Answer with Y (Yes) or N (No).

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Tyrion LannisterCastle Black
Stannis BaratheonWinterfell
Kevan LannisterInn at the Crossroads
Jon SnowCraster's Keep
Robert BaratheonThe Wall
Renly BaratheonDarry
Jorah MormontLannisport
Sansa StarkHighgarden
Jon ConningtonMeereen
Daenerys TargaryenAsshai
Barristan SelmySkagos
Melisandre of AsshaiShield Islands
Jaime LannisterTarth
Loras TyrellDragonstone
Samwell TarlyShadow Tower
Young GriffGriffin's Roost
Alliser ThorneKing's Landing
Robb StarkThe Eyrie
Eddard StarkHarrenhal
Arys OakheartSunspear
Maester AemonOldtown
Arya StarkGulltown
Bran StarkNightfort
Khal DrogoPentos
Mance RayderThe Dreadfort
Theon GreyjoyDeepwood Motte
Petyr BaelishCasterly Rock
Brienne of TarthCastamere

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