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Forced Order
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Hide all your sons and hide all your daughters! / He'll marry the girls and give boys to the Others!
Simple, but kind, and strong as the day / Bran's faithful companion has little to say.
'Iron for gold,' the Alchemist said / (And gold for dear Rosey's maidenhead)
Stripped of his pride when his best part was taken / He'll still act the knight - but he only saves maidens.
A lowborn knight but an honorable man / He's missing some fingers, but serves as a Hand
He said, before dying on the southern sea / That the prince who was promised was no 'he', but a 'she'.
His strengths are fighting and women and drinking / His weaknesses: ruling a kingdom and thinking.
With eyes of violet and hair of blue / He's put all his faith in his Golden crew.
Trusting this man would be wildly absurd / He rubs two coins together to make a third
In spite of the tansy, her love for him grew / But their marriage was short. Out the door she flew...
'Joffrey. Cersei. Ser Ilyn. The Hound.' / She won't end her prayer 'til they're all in the ground
Cold, old, and blind, with no teeth left for flossing / Nobody crosses the Lord of the Crossing
She brought a young queen both sorrow and strife / But tied to a pyre, her death brought forth life
This clansman has cut his share of throats / He'll chop off your cock and feed it to goats
Silent since his tongue was torn from his head / He lets his greatsword do the talking instead.
Twice exiled, he's weak for maidens fair / Doggedly loyal, although he's a bear
This knight who serves Stannis is charming and witty / His smiles are for you, if you're wealthy and pretty.
She was given away like a lamb to the slaughter / They call her a lady, but she's just a steward's daughter
The kiss of a blade left this man half-insane / But it seems, in the end, he remembered his name
One sixth of a litter and black as the night / This pet is a savage, and willing to bite
Though she hasn't appeared in the books (or the show) / She makes us all wonder... Where do wh*res go?
This man had none of it, when told to retire / He took a false name when he posed as a squire.
Cunning and ruthless, clever and old / It turned out this man never did sh*t gold
His madness brought forth his dynasty's fall / And in his last moments he said, 'Burn them all.'
The cart king's throne sat in a wagon / And it turned out that fire could kill a dragon
Tough as iron and loyal to her word / No man's honor is as true as hers

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