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Forced Order
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Said to be the first human in Westeros, he taught the First Men to farm. Many houses of the Reach claim ancestry from him.
Sacrificed by her husband to temper a magic sword
Married the daughter of a sea god and became the first Storm King
Slayed the sea dragon Nagga and ruled the Iron Islands for over a millennium
Final ruler of the Great Empire of the Dawn, he slew his sister and made himself king. His crimes are thought to have ushered in the Long Night.
13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch who supposedly fell in love with an Other.
Credited with building the Wall and Winterfell
A knight who lost his eyes and replaced them with sapphires
Commanded armies of eagles and flew upon a large falcon; Lord Robert Arryn loves tales featuring this character
King-Beyond-the-Wall who blew the Horn of Winter and woke the giants from the earth
Said to have tempered his magic sword with the living heart of his wife and fought against a darkness with light.
Supposedly swindled Casterly Rock from the Casterlys using nothing but his wits

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