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Forced Order
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I am 'top dawg' in Scranton
I met my best friend in a shoe store
I married Dwight
Sabre gave me my own office
I am the best basketball player in the company
I lost 4 pounds in one week
I shot hoops with David Wallace
I pretended to have my period to get out of gym
I graduated college in 1996
I was almost fired by Michael
Dwight thought my friend was a Hobbit
Everyone forgot it was my birthday
I wanted to become a priest
Michael wanted to save me for baseball season
Me and Daryl left the Dundies early
I went to High School with Michael
I threw a pumpkin at Michael's car
Michael fake fired me
I left the company when i found out Jim and Pam were dating
I cracked my pelvis
AJ is my boyfriend
I hired Creed
I am aware of the effect I have on women
I told everyone Andy was the whistleblower
Me and Michael did not get off to a good start
I am the 'sea monster'
I am not a beacon of light
I committed suicide
I am often associated with pepperoni
I went to prison
I quit at the same time as Tony
Toby has my phone number
I have two dogs
I oversee sales

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