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Name three symptoms of meningitis
Give one antibiotic used to treat acute endocarditis?
What is a symptom that rheumatic fever typically presents with?
Which bacterium causes necrotising fasciitis
What kind of bacteria typically infects those with cystic fibrosis?
Where do aminoglycosides act in the bacterial cell?
Which bacterium causes gas gangrene?
Name one anti-fungal drug
If a lumbar puncture returns clear, with raised protein and normal glucose, is it caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses?
True or false: a case of osteomyelitis involving sequestrae cannot heal without surgery
Name one drug potentially useful in treating influenza?
What is the term for an antibiotic which inhibits bacterial growth?
Which antibody is present in the mucosa?
Is Hepatitis E or B easier to contract?
How would you treat an infection with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa?
Where in the body do the paramyxoviruses typically cause infection?
What is the most common bacteria that causes septic arthritis
True or false: Beta lactams are most effective against gram positive bacteria?
Does S. Aureus or S. Pyogenes possess the catalse enzyme?
Give one bacteria that commonly causes subacute endocarditis
Name one drug used to treat hepatitis C?
Would haemophilia be best tested by the APTT, PT or TCT?
Does whooping cough affect babies, toddlers, children, adults or the elderly?
Use of which antibiotic can cause antibiotic-associated colitis?
Give an example of a beta lactam antibiotic
Which bacterium is the most common cause of osteomyelitis?
Which organism typically infects limb protheses?
Name an antigen on the influenza virus?
Name one organism which typically causes meningitis in children?
What organism typically causes meningitis in AIDS patients?
What is a common empiric treatment for typical pneumonia?
What is the name for the method of biofilm bacteria sensing each other?
In what area of the meninges does bacterial infection occur in meningitis?

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