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Can you determine who killed the following people? (HUGE SPOILERS)

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The KilledThe KillerScene of the Crime
Witch-king of Angmar(Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Book Series 1954-1955 and Film Series 2001-2003)
Abraham Lincoln(Real Life, 1865)
Boromir(Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Film Series 2001-2003)
Cassandra(Red Dwarf, TV Series 1988-)
Edgar the Bug(Men in Black, Film Series 1997-2012)
J.R. Ewing(Dallas, TV Series 1979-)
Hyman Roth(The Godfather Trilogy, Film Series 1972-1990)
Joyeuse Frey(Game of Thrones, TV Series 2011-)
Mace Windu(Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Film Series 1999-2005)
Robert Mifflin(The Office TV Series 2005-2013)
The KilledThe KillerScene of the Crime
Sirius Black(Harry Potter, Book Series 1997-2007 and Film Series 2001-2011)
Andrea(The Walking Dead, TV Series 2010-)
A Man(Bohemian Rhapsody, Song 1975)
Aerith(Final Fantasy VII, Video Game 1998)
William Costigan, Jr.(The Departed, Film 2006)
Mahondas 'Mahatma' Gandhi(Real Life, 1948)
Rue(Hunger Games, Book Series 2008-2010 and Film Series 2012-2016)
John Lennon(Real Life, 1980)
Madame Thérèse Defarge(Tale of Two Cities, Book 1859)
The KilledThe KillerScene of the Crime
Laura Palmer(Twin Peaks, TV Series 1990-1991)
That Old Racist Lady(Arrested Development, TV Series 2003-)
Daniel Faraday(LOST, TV Series 2004-2010)
Lori Grimes(The Walking Dead, Comic Book Series 2003-)
Fred Casely(Chicago, Musical 1975-1977 and Revival 1998-)
Nancy(Oliver!, Book 1838 and Musical 1960)
Quentyn Martell(Song of Ice and Fire, Book Series 1996-)
Ubaldo Piangi(The Phantom of the Opera, Musical 1987)
Harvey Dent/Two-Face(The Dark Knight, Film Series 2005-2012)
Jabba the Hutt(Star Wars Original Trilogy, Film Series 1979-1985)

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