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Can you name the very, very difficult A to Z (minus X) trivia to do with Game of Thrones?

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Daughter of Argilac the Arrogant, married Orys Baratheon three centuries agoA
City in which production of Game of Thrones is basedB
Leader of the Black Ears Clan (a hill tribe)C
Lord of House Dalt, escort to Oberyn MartellD
Actor who plays Lommy GreenhandsE
Third episode in which Tyrion did not appearF
Actor who plays Renly BaratheonG
Head of the Alchemists' Guild in King's LandingH
Island located at the center of Gods EyeI
Lord of House Bracken, whose sigil is a red stallionJ
First Karstark, a lesser Stark who put down a Bolton rebellion and was rewarded with landsK
Actor who was to play Aerys II Targaryen in a flashback, but it was cutL
He whom Oberyn stabs through the hand in a brothel for singing ''The Rains of Castamere''M
First episode to feature Podrick PayneN
Brother of Night's Watch who attacks Lord Commander Mormont and Jon Snow as a wightO
Only city to be featured only twice on the opening credit sequenceP
Free City, known for its blacksmithsQ
House words of House HornwoodR
Seat of House Mallister, Riverlands castle built to defend against Iron IslandsS
Director of first two episodes of Game of ThronesT
Leader of the Moon Brothers (a hill tribe)U
Blonde who seduces Theon Greyjoy with MyrandaV
Knight sworn to House Whent (born to House Wode), accompanies Catelyn through the ValeW
Meereenese Great Master of House QaggazY
Shepherd's young daughter Drogon scorchedZ

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