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Can you name the difficult A to Y (minus X) trivia to do with the TV show Game of Thrones?

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Mother of Theon and YaraA
Unacknowledged infant bastard of King RobertB
Commander of Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, easternmost castle of the Night's WatchC
Companion to Theon Greyjoy on his pillaging questD
Lord of House Hunter, vassal to House Arryn, volunteers to battle against Bronn at the EyrieE
Landmark north of the Wall, natural defenseF
Dragon whose skull is kept in the Red Keep, named after an Essosi regionG
Brother of the Night's Watch, cookH
Houses Daenerys and Viserys in Pentos for a whileI
Actor who plays Grand Maester PycelleJ
Master in Astapor, who deals with Daenerys, whom he wrongly believes cannot speak ValyrianK
Lame, Walder Frey's son who kills Talisa Maegyr and her unborn childL
Davos Seaworth's only son, dies on the BlackwaterM
Director of episodes ''Blackwater'' and ''Watchers on the Wall''N
Brother of the Night's Watch, kills YgritteO
Kingsguard, still alive in TV show, dead in books as of the King's Landing riotP
Asshai'i shadowbinder in QarthQ
Brother of the Night's Watch until he mutinies, savaged by GhostR
Westernmost occupied castle of the Night's WatchS
Tyrion's first wifeT
House of Ellaria Sand's father, vassal to House MartellU
Visenya's dragon, during the ConquestV
One of the young captives Rickard Karstark slays as revenge for his sons' deathsW
Far East region near AsshaiY

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