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Femme fatale that Dawson meets
City Dawson spent the previous summer in
Eve provides an advanced copy of which test to the group
Who steals the copy of the test and uses it to cheat
Eve is related to which member of the group
Who is the freshman football player who develops a crush on Jen?
What position does Jack play on Capeside's football team?
What is the name of the kid that Pacey mentors?
Dawson meets a film competition rival, what is her name?
What kind of business does Gail decide to open after losing her job at the news station?
What gift does Dawson get Joey for prom?
Who does Joey get paired up with for the college tour?
Who gets jealous of Joey having a crush on the answer from question 12?
Who tells Pacey that 'you know you love someone when you can spend the night watching them sleep'?
What is the name of Pacey's boat?
Which couple has gotten together at the end of the season?
Which character's crying became a famous internet meme?

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