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Described by National Geographic as the worlds most dangerous gang. This group of Central American's has a strict no talking policy and is extremely secretive. El Salvador
This group is the most significant player in the European kidnapping and sex trade. Though most prominent in their native Russia, this group also controls Brooklyn's Brighton BeachRussia
Experts believe this will be the only Italian mafia family still remaining by 2020. The largest and most dangerous of the five families. Control the lucrative fish trade in New YorNew York City
The second largest African American street gang in California. Started in the 1970's to combat their rivals the Crips. This gang claims the color red.California
Started by 'Pistol' Pete Rollack in New York's most dangerous neighborhood. This gang terrorized the Soundview Projects before growing throughout the East Coast. Bronx, New York
The largest African American street gang in California. This gang claims the color blue and occupies over 50 neighborhoods in Los Angeles.Los Angeles, California
The largest motorcycle club in the world. The gangs patch is a skull and they believe no other motorcycle club can claim California as a territory.San Francisco, California
A military organization that was started in Ireland in 1913. Played a significant role in 'Bloody Sunday' in 1920, Dublin. Ireland
Known for a strict code of conduct and organized nature. This violent group operates internationally with over 100,000 members. Japan
Lead by the infamous 'Shrimp Boy' this gang has powerful ties to their leaders in Hong Kong. They have a bloody reputation and control gambling parlors throughout CaliforniaHong Kong
The second largest of the five families. This Sicilian gang is named after 'Don Carlo' and members included John Gotti and Lucky Luciano.New York City
An African American gang that started in Rikers Island Correctional Facility. The gang was set up to help protect black inmates from the Latin Kings. Gang became notorious for violRikers Island, New York
Organized mafia terrorizing Naples. Involved in sanitation disposal, extortion, kidnapping and murder.Campania, Italy
English soccer hooligans with known ties to racist organizations in London. This groups main rivals are the Millwall Bushwhackers. This gang is extremely violent. London, England
An Italian soccer hooligan gang with ties to the mafia. The gang is rivals with Roma and Napoli.Rome, Italy
This gang comprised of Puerto Ricans started in Chicago, but is perhaps most powerful in New York. At one time was New York City's most powerful gang. Black and yellow are their coChicago, Illinois
Perhaps the most dangerous subsidiary of the Bloods. This gang patrols the Nickerson Gardens Housing Projects. Death Row Records Funder Michael 'Harry-O' Harris was a member.Watts, California
This South Central Los Angeles gang was at one time a Cript subsidiary. They now are known rivals of Crips, and now choose to wear orange as opposed to blue. Los Angeles, California
This gang was started in an attempt to combat the Crips in the 1970's. Rapper the Game is apart of this gang that is known for its burgundy colored clothing.California
This Crips subsidiary has a violent history in Los Angeles. Surrounded by enemies, this gang is perhaps best known for the killing of Bloods member 'Little Mike'. Los Angeles, California
This gang was made famous in pop culture as they were featured in the movie Boyz N The Hood. In fact, it was a member of this gang that killed Ricky in the movies climax.Inglewood, California
Crip founder Barefoot Pookie is the leader of this gang. They have problems with surrounding Crip gangs as well as all Blood gangs.Gardenia, California
This Crips subsidiary is known for wearing purple clothing. They reside in the Jordan Downs Projects and attend Jordan High School. 'O-Dogg' from the film Menace 2 Society was a meWatts, California
One of the most powerful prison gangs in the United States. Known for narcotics trafficking, extortion and murder. Members can not practice Christianity. Tracy, California
This gang makes up about 1% of prisoners in the United States, but is responsible for over 25% of prison murders. Initiation is gained by murdering a prisoner.United States
This motorcycle gang is one of the largest in the United States. They are considered one of the main rivals of the Hells Angels.McCook, illinois
Gang formed into the 1980's and is well known for it's intolerance of Christians and Western Culture. Responsible for 50 deaths in 2010.Nairobi Kenya
A Brazilian prison gang that formed in 1993. The gang commits acts of terrorism against government establishments.Brazil
Founded in 1966 by George Jackson. Made up of African Americans, this gang currently has roughly 50,000 members.Marin County, California
Founded in 1968 and a primary rival of the Mexican Mafia. Known for controlling the prison sex trade. Northern California
Rivals of the Mexican Mafia and the Aryan Brotherhood. This gang only allows Hispanics to join. Texas, United States
A gang of Haitian immigrants living in the little Haiti section of Miami. Their territory is often called 'Pork and Beans Projects.' This gang is big in the Miami hip-hop scene.Miami, Florida
One of the most violent Bloods subsidiaries, this group was featured on a Showtime documentary. Once engaged in an extremely violent war with the Harlem Crips.Los Angeles, California
Started by OG T. Rodgers, this gang started in Chicago and is now one of the largest in Los Angeles. This Bloods subsidiary was a major focus in the movie Training Day. Chicago, Illinois
Notorious in the Pueblo Del Rio housing projects in Los Angeles. This subsidiary of the Bloods is known for being the focus of an LAPD and FBI inditement of 40 of its members. Los Angeles, California
Since 2007, this group has governed the Gaza section of Palestine. This group is anti-American, and intolerant towards the Western Civilization. Palestine
Bitter rivals of the Boys of Destruction. Once killed a rival gang member, dug up the corpse, and placed the deceased body on his mothers front lawn. Red is the gangs color.St. Louis, Missouri
Started by Demetrius Holloway and Rick Carter. This gang is actually a team of African American hit-men who have helped make Detroit one of America's murder capitals. Detroit Michigan
This gang is compromised of African Americans from the La Moy Gardens section of Memphis. This gang is a big player in the Tennessee narcotics trade.Memphis, Tennessee
Considered one of the most violent gangs on the East Coast. This gang flourished in the 1980's as they took over the crack cocaine trade in North Carolina.Charlotte, North Carolina
A group of white Americans that was started in the 1800's. Often on horseback, these hooded individuals terrorize African American's and other minorities. Indiana, United States
This Bloods subsidiary features OG Bay-Boo who is currently serving life in Pelican Bay State Prison. OG MAC lied and said he had family from this gang.Los Angeles California

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